is hell forever?

Hi. I’ve been told that there will be 2 judgments. Christ will come and live and walk among us for the first of the 2 “judgments”. Somewhere in all this, this person told me that all those in hell will be set free because God is so merciful and loving He will give them another chance and that hell is not forever. So, I’ve reread Revelations and searched the bible for more on this. I read that the righteous will resurrect and live with Jesus on earth for 1000 years and during this time, satan is free for 1000 years and his numbers will be like the sands of the sea. After that time fire comes down and consumes satan and he is sent to a pool of burning sulfur forever and ever. If our name is not written in the book of life, we dont enter heaven. If satan and his followers are sent free in the end, then the whole bible would be a lie. I couldnt find ( or understand it if I did read it) where there is a second judgement and satan is free.

Baltimore Catechism #3

Q. 1372. What is the judgment called which we have to undergo immediately after death?
A. The judgment we have to undergo immediately after death is called the Particular Judgment.

Q. 1373. Where will the particular judgment be held?
A. The particular judgment will be held in the place where each person dies, and the soul will go immediately to its reward or punishment.

Q. 1374. What is the judgment called which all men have to undergo on the last day?
A. The judgment which all men have to undergo on the last day is called the General Judgment.

Q. 1375. Will the sentence given at the particular judgment be changed at the general judgment?
A. The sentence given at the particular judgment will not be changed at the general judgment, but it will be repeated and made public to all.
Q. 1376. Why does Christ judge men immediately after death?**
A. Christ judges men immediately after death to reward or punish them according to their deeds.

Q. 1379. What is Hell?
A. Hell is a state to which the wicked are condemned, and in which they are deprived of the sight of God for all eternity, and are in dreadful torments.

Catechism of the Catholic Church:

**1035 **The teaching of the Church affirms the existence of hell and its eternity. Immediately after death the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend into hell…

**1051 **Every man receives his eternal recompense in his immortal soul from the moment of his death in a particular judgment by Christ, the judge of the living and the dead.

**1059 **“The holy Roman Church firmly believes and confesses that on the Day of Judgment all men will appear in their own bodies before Christ’s tribunal to render an account of their own deeds”

There are not 2 judgments but rather 1 judgment made in 2 ways. The first manner is “private” and occurs immediately after death. The second manner is “public” and occurs on the Last Day at the resurrection. The judgment does not change, just the manner in which it is revealed.

There is nothing in Church teaching or tradition that would justify the idea that the damned will return to earth for a “second chance.”

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