Is Hollywood helping to create a Godless society?

I can’t believe some of the shows on t.v. if they reference to any believers they portray them as crazy or nutty. The History Channel confuses the viewers by stating ‘what if questions’ on God stories and then they come up with there own ridiculous theories. They usually bring up archeologists and college teachers to conclude their point. They should leave the God or bible stories to real Theologians and the religious experts. I haven’t got to the man that feels he should be able to run through the streets in the nude and the free sex attitudes which is being sent out as love. We should have more good Catholic Channels that we can watch to counter balance the craziness found in our t.v. and the media as well. Why not.:egyptian:

It may be playing a role in the decay of moral values.

Without God, people lose sight of eternal good (the only “good” that has lasting value, by definition), so they put their hope in finite goods too much, and then it’s just a downward spiral.

It is my hope that a Catholic songwriter by the name of John Rzeznik will proclaim the Truth of Catholicism.

GOO GOO DOLLS (combine repeats)–> GOO DOXS (x takes out both sides)–> GO DO (remove repeats)–> GO D --> GOD

IRIS = Messenger of the Gods (shorten)–> Messenger (shorten)–> Message

Goo Goo Dolls - Iris = God’s Message

“I just want you to know who I am.” -Goo Goo Dolls, “Iris”

“I am who I am.” -God’s message, Exodus 3:14

Is Hollywood helping to create a Godless society?

I definitely think it is. We should not underestimate the power of this type of propaganda not just on our young but everyone.

Yes, I agree. Parents of young children need to be very diligent in what they allow their children to be exposed to.

*Neither **Hollywood ***nor the **Secular World **has more power than Gods people when we are doing what we are suppose to do :nope:.
Things are as they are because of our lack of courage.
New poll on US morality shows need for clearer preaching: Head of Human Life International
Father Shenan Boquet
***“The acceptability of these evils is a direct result of people not being engaged in public debate against those trying to force ***
us to accept these issues,” “That’s why it’s so important for faith leaders to speak out
and find new ways to help the public understand moral teachings on controversial issues.”
Way Controversial!

I would put the emphasis on “helping.” It’s not alone. Hollywood both responds to demand and shapes it.

There are individual producers and directors that bring their own agendas to film making.

As Deal Hudson said at a conference in Michigan where I heard him speak last summer, if Catholics want to shape culture, we need to make “culture” – movies, music, etc. He suggests establishing film departments at reliably Catholic institutions as a way to influence the culture at large.

Is Hollywood helping to create a Godless society?

Nope. It is a godless society, Hollywood merely reflects it.

Hollywood is serving up whatever people will watch. If nobody watched this junk, it would go away.

Hollywood isn’t good. The whole industry is bad through and through. Just think do we ever see any program’s on the life of Jesus or Mary? Or documentaries on the great saints of our time? Never! That would make people turn to God and that isn’t what they want. All the violence, sex, drug taking, cursing, vulgar things in modern movies is so sinful. Last year I went to the cinema with friends and they wanted to see the hangover part 3, I was sitting there thinking what is this rubbish I’m watching and I just felt I was the only person there that didn’t like it. Another example is American pie them movies are so immoral, I unfortunately went to see the last one they made a few years ago and I thought it was so vulgar and couldn’t understand why the people around me couldn’t stop laughing and loved it so much.

The world is anti-catholic and all the media and internet do is persecute the church, but we know deep down who is behind this. It is being pushed on us to leave God out of everything, it is a fact we are living in a secular society.

I think that both views are true.
On the one hand Hollywood “reflects” society…If society rejects a particular product of Hollywood, then Hollywood changes…

OTOH… we should not underestimate the power of Hollywood to influence…particularly young people.

Add to this the fact that producers in Hollywood will naturally want to make things that THEY like and the “chicken/egg” factors get even more complicated.


I say yes, and this has been going on for a long time. However, I don’t think it was always true. When I was a child there where plenty of old movies that promoted a believe in God, morality, honesty and faith in God. Over time these have been less frequent if not just missing all together. Sad.

My first awareness of the Church came from three basic TV events: The funeral of President Kennedy in 1964, a movie about the three children of Fatima and a movie about Lourdes. These three events effected my thinking profoundly, and by the time I was 4 or 5 I knew I wanted to be a Catholic because of them.

I think there is an increased effort by Hollywood to have godless programing but I can’t help but wonder if that is because people in general have been more accepting of it in the first place. Kind of like the question: “What came first the chicken or the egg?”

I did not know that, on MASH, that the chaplian (Father Franis Malkehi ?]) was protrayed as crazy or nutty, maybe Frank Burns but not the good Father! :eek: The ones most likely to bring up Burns are Chirstians trying to prove how the tv shows show Christians as nutty or craze.
The History Channel has had, IMO, a few good Biblecal programs and a few on mytholgy; the worst ones have been on ‘the space aliens created us’, great for a laugh. Also some History shows (ie Bible Battles) how God used humans and their tech to bring about His Plan and how how things in the Bible have been used today for good. :):):slight_smile:

I disagree. The shows on the History channel make most people think and explore ideas, not confuse them. Do they confuse *you? *If so, it may be because they are providing other valid viewpoints? For most of those shows, they do interview religion/bible experts. Is there one episode in particular you are thinking of?

Why do you think this? Many Atheists put their hope in helping and loving people, not in finite goods. Most Atheists I know volunteer, donate to charities, help the homeless…and do all they can to be good to others–much more so than the Theists I know.
They don’t just buy stuff or care about their job titles or power, if that is what you are thinking.

Um, yes we do see these films. Within the year we saw at minimum one mini-series and two feature films on Jesus and biblical stories (Noah) that were big budget extravaganzas. There have been Hollywood films on Joan of Art and Padre Pio and many other saints. But films on religion don’t as a rule do well at the box office so many producers don’t have the money to make them.
And since many filmmakers are not Catholic, most would not have interest in making films about Catholic saints.

But why sit back in your armchair and blame a district in Los Angeles?
You can raise or put together money and produce a low-budge film on Jesus and the Saints any time you want. In a few months, you can have a film in the can and be taking it to film festivals and looking for distribution.
If ten people on this forum did that, that would be ten feature films out next year on Jesus.
Instead of feeling persecuted, why not just do something about it instead of feeling you are a victim? I get the feeling from some posts that some people* like* to believe or talk about how much they are supposedly being persecuted. As if this is some kind of honorable suffering to seek out. I sure hope I’m wrong about that.

I also think you wrongly and grossly overgeneralize with your “persecution” perception about media, the internet, and “the world”.
As other posters have said, media and art reflect how the masses of people are thinking and feeling. Just because many in this world don’t agree with Catholicism and get passionate about their feelings and beliefs and express their opinions, it doesn’t mean they are “persecuting” the church.


Yes, atheists can be more ethical than theists. Notice the term “eternal goods.” Of course there are intrinsic goods that people value, but apart from eternal values, “good” has no lasting value because all value will sink into non-value. If there is no God, then all values are finite and thus ultimately meaningless. Also, without free will and eternal life, “love” is ultimately meaningless, for without free will, it would be a necessitated by prior causes (not chosen), and without the infinite, it would be annihilated anyway.

Also, as God is the source of any good, it is only out of common grace that unbelievers can act ethically. Without grace, people would be totally evil – totally cut off from the source of grace and goodness, who is God.

I’m not even sure if you’re telling the truth about those atheists you mention. Perhaps when you’re not looking, they’re having intercourse while on birth control, making fun of theism, doing illegal drugs, etc. Not saying they’re doing that, but it is a possibility.

Atheists “do all they can to be good to others”? What if part of being good entails spreading the Good News and/or adhering to Christianity? The atheist may not believe the Good News, but disbelief in something does not mean it isn’t true. The eternal truth is not relative.

Perhaps so, but these non-Christians get so passionate about their twisted beliefs (gay marriage, abortion, contraception) without even having a good philosophical foundation for them. Without eternal life and free will (both necessary for anything to be relevant), a person has no business imposing their views on the rest of society through law, for there views are ultimately valueless.

They are indirectly (or perhaps directly) slowly destroying the moral fabric of society. Almost half of United States citizens now live in a state where same-sex so-called marriage is legal.

One of the best things you can do is get rid of your television. You may not be able to control anybody else, but you can control yourself. I got rid of mine several years ago, and I look back on that as one of the single best things I ever did for myself.

I still have lots of problems, but at least that stupid dopey mix of television angst and sedation is no longer among them.

Get rid of your TV. In a couple of weeks you’ll wonder why you ever watched it.

I definitely think that Hollywood and the mainstream media promote the “liberal agenda” such as gay marriage. Also that looks and youth and sex and money are the most important things to value in life.

More and more people are doing this, television is rubbish and the program’s are getting worse and worse.

I agree :thumbsup:

Things are as they are because of our lack of courage.

I agree and im also guilty! I went to my 4 year olds dance recital last weekend. The classes are broken down by the age of the children and while there was nothing wrong with the 4 and 5 year olds performance what they had some of the older kids doing ( older being 10 +) was inappropriate and disgusting! The lyrics to the music and the dancing itself was all sexualized butt shaking and grinding. My daughter will not be attending any more classes there but I should have said something and I did not.

While I do agree Hollywood is involved in societies general downfall, but then again, its 2014 and its still illegal to say certain words on broadcast TV, most nudity is still illegal, Ive often wondered why this is the case in modern times, I wouldve thought by now, they would allow anything and everything on TV, even at night, these things are still not allowed, so, ifs kind of confusing…but maybe that is what they want?

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