Is Hollywood helping to create a Godless society?

Yes, Hollywood reflects society and at the same time drives society into perdition.:frowning:

Um, yes we do see these films. Within the year we saw at minimum one mini-series and two feature films on Jesus and biblical stories (Noah) that were big budget extravaganzas. There have been Hollywood films on Joan of Art and Padre Pio and many other saints. But films on religion don’t as a rule do well at the box office so many producers don’t have the money to make them.
And since many filmmakers are not Catholic, most would not have interest in making films about Catholic saints.

But why sit back in your armchair and blame a district in Los Angeles?
You can raise or put together money and produce a low-budge film on Jesus and the Saints any time you want. In a few months, you can have a film in the can and be taking it to film festivals and looking for distribution.
If ten people on this forum did that, that would be ten feature films out next year on Jesus.
Instead of feeling persecuted, why not just do something about it instead of feeling you are a victim? I get the feeling from some posts that some people* like* to believe or talk about how much they are supposedly being persecuted. As if this is some kind of honorable suffering to seek out. I sure hope I’m wrong about that.

I also think you wrongly and grossly overgeneralize with your “persecution” perception about media, the internet, and “the world”.
As other posters have said, media and art reflect how the masses of people are thinking and feeling. Just because many in this world don’t agree with Catholicism and get passionate about their feelings and beliefs and express their opinions, it doesn’t mean they are “persecuting” the church.


Biblical stories on Jesus? Are you referring to 1 hour programmes called the bible? That was not in any way true to the bible it was shipped and changed to suit the way they wanted it, I was wary of it when so many celebrities were doing adverts for it promoting it to begin with. Noah the movie was not a biblical movie and the studio signed off on allowing Aronofsky to make a Bible movie that completely removes God from the story, portrays God as vengeful and petty, and removed any trace of hope and goodness from the story at all. This adaptation of Noah is essentially the anti-Bible story in every way possible.

If you don’t think the media are anti catholic you should do some research. We will agree to disagree on that one.

I disagree with the term “Driving”…No one is forced to go to movies or watch TV or listen to Radio…these are all things that people choose to do.
Hollywood does two things…

They follow the crowd because Hollywood looks for the greenest pastures ($$$) and that is where they go to.
They guide the crowd because the producers/directors/actors cannot help but interject their own ideas into the product…

But ultimately it’s up to the crowd to make the choice…


Ever since the late 1950s and early 1960s, when Hollywood began to defy the influence of the Catholic Church on its products, Hollywood has been in a downward spiral, revelling in the depiction of homicide, carnal relations, and juvenile banality. Once in a while something admirable gets through, but it’s mostly eye-candy for the souless.

Actually, Hollywood had more restraining influences on its products before the 1960s, and so Hollywood controlled the range of choices the crowd could make. Now there are virtually no restraints either on Hollywood or on the crowd. Libertarianism run amok. :shrug:

I saw this show on where half naked women are dancing and shaking there bodies as music is being played in the background. On the other t.v. gay advancing shows. Some times I just have to turn off the t.v.:mad:

Having lived in Hollywood for a bit, I’ve seen just how bad the ent industry is and how much of an impact it has on society. Everything nowadays is anti-God. Seems like making fun of Religion and rebelling is-and-will be the norm for years to come. One must conform to fit in with hopes to catch their big break, and for what? To fulfill their self-filled dreams, when in reality we should be striving to fulfill God’s Law.

We have to ask ourselves why are they putting these things out there? Why is so much sex, gay acceptance, drug use, violence, etc the norm now? There are barely any good role models today and everything is getting worse and worse. Glad I moved out of that place!

Please pray for those in the biz

:thumbsup::thumbsup: so true!

It may seem like Hollywood is helping to create a Godless society, but we must remember that in EVERYTHING, God works for the good. Everything in our world will ultimately result in the Second Coming of Christ. Good and evil are working in conjunction with each other to bring us to salvation; they are not opposed to each other as we are often tempted to think.

LOVE! :heart:

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