Is hollywood mad? I can't believe they are going to do this,21985,25244314-5006023,00.html

talk about digging up the past.

Well at least it’s going to have Sean Penn playing Larry, that’s good casting. surely they don’t recon that it will work as anything but a Bio Pic…

and it’s gotta have Shemp in it somehow…

There was a wonderful 3 Stooges made-for-TV movie out in 2000:

I have it on video (before DVD!), and I watched it several times. Very touching. It didn’t get good reviews, but I like it.

The story about the 3 Stooges is good. I can see why Hollywood is doing it again.

Except they are not doing that, they are not doing a biography at all, they are doing an actual “three stooges” movie with an original story about the origins of the stooge characters. I’m not even sure it’s going to be set in the 1930s, I think it may be set in the modern day. I don’t see this working, it should be rewritten as a comedic bio-pic.

and the big name stars is a bit of a gamble too, especially Carrey as curly.

Hollywood must be running out of ideas.

Do ya think?! :mad:

Right now, there is yet ANOTHER movie out about a man who finds himself a teenager again. How many movies have had this same plot?!!

And the current John Cena movie is basically another version of his first movie, The Marine. In both movies, John Cena’s character’s wife (or girlfriend) is kidnapped, he gets ragin’ mad, goes after the kidnappers, and wreaks havoc trying to rescue her. Many cars burn and many explosions ensue.

And another Ice Castles is currently in production. I’m really mad about this, as I have written a perfectly wonderful figure skating screenplay that I wish a producer would at least take a look at or be willing to listen to me pitch. Why a re-make of a perfectly good skating movie? (Unless they want to take the four-letter words out of it and make it more suitable for sweet young little girl skaters? That would be fine with me).

I realize that Hollywood, like any other business, wants to be “safe,” and so they invest in a sure thing rather than try out something or someone new and risk failure and loss of money.

But I do wish that they would at least LOOK at other ideas and be a little more daring.

It’s actually cheaper to film a remake, a sequel or a tie-into for an existing series (even if it’s a tie-into in name only) than it is to film a completely original screenplay, hence why there’s been so many movies vaguely based off old TV shows, remakes of older movies, etc. lately.

It is also partially because it’s easier to already have a name than to invent a new one. Hollywood tends to feed off stuff that was already popular in other mediums and hope to draw in the substantial pre-existing audience as well as the new audience…

That’s why they make so many Comic Book flicks these days too. They consider such projects as “safe bets” because there may already be a proven audience.

Heck even “Pirates of the Caribbean” had what Disney considered to be a preexisting audience because of the popularity of the original Ride and the fact that everyone knows what they are going to get out of a Jerry Bruckheimer production.

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