Is Holy Communion given for mentall ill person sin?

My mom always arguing, using bad words and then go to Holy Communion. Is this mortal sin for her or for us?

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That’s between your mother and God.


It is not for you to judge your mother. Pray for her. Love her.

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If she does something you think is wrong then don’t follow that example.

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Are you the only child who feels judged by others?

Yes;p. What’s problem?

Problem? None for me.
A simple question.

For me not is problem too who I am.

This is actually a good question and I actually found this out a little while ago.
I fell away from church and from my faith coming back was hard, but I’m here. First off receiving the host and blood actually forgives small sins but greater sins, you do have to go to confession there’s more information if you look it up but I think she may be okay. I really admire your concern to be honest yes that’s between her and God but we are suppose to come together in community to help save eachother souls but understand though that it’s okay to save yourself. It’s good to help guide but mother Theresa said our job as Christians are not to convert your job is to inform, once you inform them they choose to do what they want. Then that’s between them and God. If you’ve been away from the church a longtime like myself you’re not suppose to receive communion either you must go confess and then you may receive communion. Good subject to bring up. You have strong love for your mom and her soul beautiful!
God bless,

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