Is Holy Mass offered in purgatory?

I’m not sure I’ve categorized this rightly, but this is a question that came into my mind today. I understand that the sacrament of orders binds eternally, so there is likely no shortage of priests in purgatory. Is Holy Mass offered there, or do the souls there benefit only from the Masses offered by the Church Militant?

Sacraments are signs for this life. They are not carried on in the next.

More to the point, there is no further merit to be gained in Purgatory; only suffering. The time to gain merits via the sacraments is during natural life in a human soma.


No. But our mass today was offered for our own intentions - and I was thinking this very thing that you ask, that souls in purgatory can’t have Mass. So I offered the Mass this morning for the souls in purgatory.

They benefit from our prayers, and the Mass is the greatest prayer and worship to God.

Thank you St. Faustina! Pray for us!

I believe this is a fair answer.

I have often thought that a good portion of the suffering in purgatory is two-fold:

  • You are denied the Beatific Vision, until you are pure enough to enter heaven
  • You are denied the ability to receive our Lord’s Body and Blood because A)you are in purgatory and B) because you no longer have a body to receive Him with.
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