Is Holy Name Society open to women?

I am a little confused about Holy Name Society. I always was under the impression that it is a group for Catholic men. However, I saw an article in my diocesan newspaper that mentioned women who were in the group. Are women now allowed to join? Are the Holy Name Society groups in some parishes men only and co-ed in other parishes? Are there any Holy Name Society groups that are women only?

On a side note, I got an envelope for Holy Name Society dues with my church envelope packet in the past. I threw it out because I am a woman and didn’t think I was able to join. I would be interested if the group did allow women.


The Holy Name Society is the popular name for the Confraternity of the Most Holy Names of God and Jesus. It is fundamentally and essentially a spiritual organization for Catholic men founded to teach, spread and defend the Faith of Christ.

The purpose of the Holy Name Society is to give honor to the Most Sacred Names of God and Jesus and to assist members to grow in holiness and achieve their personal salvation.

The Holy Name Society embraces Catholic men from all walks of life. Membership is open to all Catholic males over the age of eighteen.

Then what are the groups that call themselves Holy Name Society but have women members? I’m not making this up; it was in an article in the Catholic Universe Bulletin** the Diocese of Cleveland’s official paper. And why would the church have envelopes for Holy Name Society dues included in the packet given to a single woman?:confused:

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