is Holy Thursday a Holy day of obligation?

is Holy Thursday a Holy day of obligation?

No. Nor is Good Friday.

Thank you.

Kind of glad it isn’t. My wife is having horrible work scheduling issues tonight and we share one car (which normally works flawlessly).

Well, Good Friday can’t be, as no Masses are said then.

Nor is Holy Saturday. Nor is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, even though it’s my birthday.

Good Friday IS a Holy Day of Obligation.

No. But if you are able to attend Mass, you should.

I have every intention of attending. I am getting a little nervous about timing though.

It’s a Holy Day of Opportunity :thumbsup:

The three days, called the Triduum is one liturgy over 3 days. These days are not called holy days of obligation because this is the most important time of the liturgical year for Catholics. Because of the importance of this time, the Church assumes that we will be there.

That’s a big assumption though. A priestly friend of mine urges his Lenten congregations to participate in the Triduum, even saying that “if you are not going to do the Triduum, there is no point to doing Lent.”


At this point I have two options: miss mass or go to mass and leave my wife waiting in the dark after work for about an hour.

I’d say that taking care of her should take priority.

Holy Thursday is not all there is to the Triduum.


It is very disappointing to me. This is my first Easter as a Catholic and I was very much looking forward to going. Her boss is absolutely unforgiving about the schedule. Friday and Saturday are non issues.

My condolences.

Still, when you sacrifice to take care of someone, it is appreciated by our LORD.


Thank you for the kind words. I don’t see it as a sacrifice though. Forgot to add I would have to mind my tree year old too.

Maybe next year.

I like it !!
Preparation for Baptism and for renewing baptismal commitment lies at the heart of the season of Lent. Since Vatican II Council, the Church has reemphasized the baptismal character of Lent, especially through the restoration of the Catechumenate and its Lenten rituals.

“The season of Lent is a preparation for the celebration of Easter. The liturgy prepares the catechumens (those preparing for Baptism) for the celebration of the paschal mystery by the several stages of Christian initiation. It also prepares the faithful, who recall their baptism and do penance in preparation for Easter”(General Norms for the Liturgical year, #27).

Then you have good reason not to attend.

I remember the years when my children were young and our schedules didn’t always work out. I was disappointed too. Next year maybe! You can pray during the time you your parishioners have gathered and read over the scripture of the day and reflect.

I will do that. I really do enjoy mass and being at church in general.

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