Is hostage to the devil by malachi martin book real?


What do you think about this book. it is super scary.


The book is made up of a truth here and there mixed with half-truths, and mostly outright lies. Bogus sensationalistic nonsense from a disgruntled traditionalist ex-priest who was involved in Vat Ii and didn’t agree with the way things went there. He set out to harm the Church from then on, with a much higher regard for money than for truth apparently.


The book came out in 1976, at a time when there were a lot of books being written about Satanism and possession because of “The Exorcist” having been a big hit movie in 1973. It’s just Martin trying to capitalize on the trend and make some $$$. Most of those “satanic panic” books were as the person above said, filled with a lot of bogus stuff.


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