Is "I can't breathe" prophetic? Spritual reflections invited

Those were the words of George Floyd as he was being strangled. As we in California choke on smoke from fires, we are experiencing our own share of breathing issues.

For whom did George Floyd speak, besides himself? Someone mentioned to me recently that the economic outlook for many has become stifling; and this comes, in part, as a result of protective measures due to Covid19. For people of color encumbered by social and cultural matters, there is metaphorically an inability to breathe freely of the opportunities to “get out of the rut”.

And then, are we suffocating God-given creation itself with our plastic waste in the seas, the pollutants in the air, destruction of habitat?

The coronavirus effects people’s ability to breathe. What is stifling your breath (let’s keep blame out of it, but seek solutions!), and what gives you life?

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