Is inhaling Eucharistic particles sacreligious while in mortal sin?

Hi! :smiley: First post…

I’m in a state of mortal sin at the moment. Obvously, to recieve the Eucharist in such a state would be sacriligious. But, I do inhale particles… especially of the Holy Blood. And it *smells like * wine… so:

1.Isn’t that ‘the appearance’ of wine?
2. Doesn’t that mean that it is still the Holy Blood?
3. And if I inhale it, (and somehow some of that ends up in my stomach), is that equivalent to recieving the Eucharist…
4. And, if so, is that sacriligious for an individual in mortal sin?

As well, I suppose this would apply to accidentally inhaling particles of Eucharistic wafer, but those have no scent, so maybe there are less bits in the air/I can’t detect them?

Thank you very much for your time, I appreciate your response to this.


Dear In,

Do you know of anyone who has ever eaten a meal by smelling food—or who has broken his fast by smelling food? Your question suggests that you have a problem with obsessive compulsive behavior. It quite by-passes what is far more to the point: being in the state of mortal sin. Seeking absolution should be your first concern!

Nothing—absolutely nothing should be more important for all of us than putting God before all else. You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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