Is irritation and slight anger at parents a mortal sin?


Okay so I was working on something just now and I have this vice of getting angry whenever people are looking at what I’m doing on the laptop, especially when I’m chatting with my friends.

So my dad was peering at my laptop at what I was doing (wasn’t doing anything bad) and he just stood there for quite sometime so I got kinda irritated and started tapping on my keyboard to show irritation and I even let out a heavy sigh to hint to him to go away. I had thoughts that I should just not be angry and just accept the situation but I gave in to the irritation.

Would this be a grave matter?


I would not think so. What is your age?

Had you stood up, abused and throttled him … that might be different.

We are called to honour our parents, but that does not mean that any and all actions on their part need to be meekly accepted. Appropriate discretion does need to be used when one seeks to address the matter.


That is most certainly not grave matter.

You’re fine.


Remember that a mortal sin requires full consent. Basically anything done in the heat of the moment without thinking about it is venial. And this is not a grave matter anyway.


You ask a lot of “is this a sin” questions, but are asking the wrong people. You need help from your pastor on conscience formation and tendency towards scruples. Please talk to him IRL.




CAF is not going to be much help treating the underlying problem of scrupulosity.

In the meantime, you can pretty safely assume that if you are tempted to ask “is this a sin” or “is this a mortal sin,” the answer is no.


If anything, CAF will make you MORE scrupulous. :slight_smile:

Suffice it to say that just about any answer to a particular question I’ve seen in these forums has almost NEVER been the answer a real life priest has given me.

I get sick to death of reading the “see a priest” advice, but unless you’ve got awful priests in your area, it’s the best advice you’ll ever see. Respectfully, most of us have no business answering 99 percent of the threads we respond to. Post count doesn’t change that.


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