Is Islam a Christian Heresy? Revisited

Would like to state, since i have reglected the thread, that I now completely agree with darryl. We are in communion on this issue!! God Bless

Didn’t Mohammed reject the divine mercy and saving grace of Jesus Christ, start his own religion called himself the last prophet, plagiarized the Bible then called it corrupt and banned it immediately. Think about that, he took his followers back to the existing law before the redemption.

In the end Gods love has the final say.

I really gotta hand it to you guys, 'cause you’re able to just make it up as you go. You’re totally freestyling.

For two years, I walked the streets of Iraq, I even learned how to speak Arabic. I learned the customs of both Suni and Shia Muslims. I will say that it is only natural for a Christian to say that Islam is indeed a heresy only because Jesus is just a prophet…I think, it was sur 5 72;73;75, maybe I could be wrong on the scriptures, but the Quaran does say that Jesus is only a messenger and that he will deny his divinity when he returns. But as a Christian, we believe Jesus is God, we pray to Jesus, we even worship Jesus. So, when we read the Koran and hear that Islam teaches that Jesus is only a messenger, it is only natural that a Christian will say, it is a heresy…Maybe some of these guys or freestyling, but truthfully. Its only natural for us to say that Islam is heresy because we worship and pray to Jesus.

It seems that any fact or argument that does not come from the Koran or it’s voluminous interpretations is an example of “freestyling”.

Friend. Would you care to read Belloc’s essay and offer some critical commentary?

=acarlson;11295280]In Islam, there’s two “levels” of prophethood (if you will): a “messenger” and a “prophet.”

A messenger has a revelation from God, but he’s not obliged to reveal it to anyone; it’s more of a private revelation. A prophet, however, IS obliged to spread this message. Since God is requiring the person to go out there and spread this message that’s essential for humanity, he receives the assurance from God that he WILL NOT be killed (if he’s killed, then God’s message for humanity won’t reach its intended recipients).

John the Baptist is listed as a prophet in the Quran. He was killed. Is he a full prophet? How can we tell which prophet is a full prophet in the Quran? It should be a feasible exercise to go through the list to find out whether this statement is true or not.

Heresy is point which is documented in the early church, the thinking in ecumenical dialogue has evolved and changed. And those in the Catholic Church in this sense are to follow the teaching of the church, but to dismiss todays thinking is to not understand the teachings of the early church. St Thomas Aquinas could be clearly read on this topic. So there is a proper perspective to Catholicism yesterday and today, so if you don’t see the whole which is to read the footnotes thus history, then one perhaps arrives at a incorrect conclusion?

Be VERY careful with Islam, and especially with making any connections with Christianity. It is actually a very clever deception from the start that succeeded in converting Christian nations away from the True God.
In actuality the two religions have NOTHING in common. You may think that Allah is just another name for God - the Creator of the Universe.
In reality it’s an old pagan god that was worshipped in the Middle East long before Christianity. Just like Jupiter or Saturn, this “god” was connected to the Moon. Just look at the mosques or Islamic flags, and you still see the symbol there!

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