Is Islam on a collision course with itself


I keep getting this feeling that Islam is on a collision course, not just with the west and Christianity, but within Islam. Sunni vs. Shiite for example, or fundemental or radical Islam vs. moderate. As for me, based on so much hatred and evil commited by fundementalist muslims against Christians, and the tolerance that moderate muslims have for such actions, because there is nothing in Islam to say that what these radical muslims do is wrong, what is God’s plan to deal with all this hatred and violence against Christians. I guess we will never know. I guess prayer and love is all us Christians can offer and pray for mercy for all.


Maybe; but Arabs have so much oil money they can probably buy their way out of anything.

… what is God’s plan to deal with all this hatred and violence against Christians…

My guess is that Mary is part of God’s plan. My understanding is that Mohammed regarded Mary and his daughter, Fatima, as the two highest women in heaven.

It’s no surprise to me that Our Lady of Fatima is one of the most famous apparitions.


What difference does the name of the apparition really make in regards to Islam, though? I can’t imagine that such a trivial detail would really amount to anything of consequence… especially with people as closed-minded as Muslims.


You’re so right!



Islam has been in collision with itself for about 350 years. It came to early regional dominance by devouring the Byzantine and eastern Greek cultures and applying those cultural riches to acheive an empire. But the religion itself was flawed and contained a flawed model of human nature and natural law unable to sustain a regenerate society. As a result of christianity, Europe eventually overcame them in both technology AND social/political organization and Islam spent centuries staggered by the blow to its pride. How could this have happened to the followers of Allah’s own prophet? Massive self-doubt and divisions within Islam intensified.

The only real reason for the resurgence of Islam (IMO, of course) as a direct threat to civilization as we know it is the short-sighted energy dependence the West has on mideast oil. It is an artificial infusion of wealth into a society that did NOT generate it by means of civil organization and commerce. (Much like the gold wealth of Spain in its heyday of plunder from the New World) If I were to discover a dirt cheap, safe and portable fusion method tommorrow, Islam would quickly return to obscurity and decline.


Hi exoflare, Vickie,

The connection between Fatima and the Islam was noted by Bishop Fulton Sheen in his book “The World’s First Love”; he dedicated a chapter to “Mary and the Moslems”.

Here are links with more info if you are interested…


Thank you very much for your links, Charlie

I’m from Portugal, near Fatima

I didn’t know that Mohammad’s daughter name was Fatima also

Strange, very strange

Makes sense, because Islam is just almost the same as communism

I have had some discussions with Muslims, they in fact love Mary

It’s incredible how God works


Thanks, these were very interesting. I may have jumped to conclusions, based on what is presented here. Even in my own experience I have found that Muslims have nothing but nice things to say about Mary when the subject comes up. Still, wouldn’t they consider a “devotion” to anyone other than what they think of as God himself to be idolatry?


This is pretty accurate.


The word Fatima only refers to the Islamic name for a town in Portugal that was conquered by the Moors. This town may have had a Portuguese name prior to that. This is the only relationship.


Muslims can support some little-respect that we might have to Allah, but any disrespect to Mohammad or to the super-sacred book is almost a sentence of death

Fatima is a link to the Prophet himself…

They love Lady Mary just like a Catholic

I’m from Portugal, didn’t know that…We have in fact many remains from arabic culture…for example :

ALGARVE…South of Portugal…is a arabic word AL-GARB…meaning the west…Spain also has remains


Legend has it Fatima was the name of a 12th century Moorish Princess from Alcácer do Sal who was captured by the Christians. She converted to Catholicism under the baptismal name Oureana and married Count Goncalo Hermigues who led the forces that expelled the Moors and captured her. The town was named after her.

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