Is it a bad idea to practice a devotion that has not been approved by the Church?


I am specifically asking about the Devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, which was a private revelation to a Nigerian man named Barnabas.

It is a very new devotion and I have heard it recommended by some reliable sources as a very powerful devotion. But then after attending a prayer service based on it last week, I began to hear (and read) that it is a false revelation and I should stay away from it.

Do you know anything about this and can you give me any advice?


No, I have not heard of this devotion. Given that the man who is alleged to have received it is in Nigeria, it would also be difficult to ascertain its status from his local bishop. For those reasons, I recommend avoiding any private revelations or devotions that you cannot verify as approved by proper Church authority (usually the local bishop). If you have a devotion to the precious blood of Jesus, I recommend considering the Divine Mercy devotion as a possible alternative that has been approved by the Church.

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