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Father Peter Stravinskas in the Catholic World Report has some things to say about the most recent Catholic Church crises. But such events are not why people leave the Church. No, he has some other suggestions to turn things around, such as:

“Eliminate altar girls, Communion-in-the-hand and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. All of these practices entered the mainstream in direct violation of liturgical law, were winked at by bishops, and then codified as normative, thus rewarding disobedience. In keeping with the recommendations of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict and Cardinal Robert Sarah, re-introduce celebrations of Holy Mass ad orientem, which would have a major effect on the atmosphere of worship and the mentality of the priest. Needless to say, a healthy dose of Latin and Gregorian chant is likewise in order.

The vast majority of priests under the age of forty would move in this direction tomorrow. However, they are inhibited from doing so by pastors still living in the 1960s and by chancery bureaucrats who are similarly enmired.”

He has much more to say. Here is the link:



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According to my diocese’s director of vocations, the issue is not people leaving the church, but moving geographically. In the northeast, Catholics are fleeing and churches are being shuttered. Down south, Churches are opening and Schools are being built as Catholics relocate to areas with more economic opportunity.


That’s actually a very insightful article for those that want a break from their popcorn to actually read it.


I have to add a few more quotes:

“I love to ask a very embarrassing question: How is it that most of our Catholic institutions were built by penniless immigrants but cannot be maintained by the most affluent Catholic population in the history of the Church?”

And he did have some good things to say about my former diocese of Wichita:

“If the relatively small Diocese of Wichita can sponsor tuition-free schools, what is the problem with everyone else? What is stopping priests or bishops from adopting the stewardship model that has been so successful there? Is it worth pointing out that one of the effects of the Wichita school system is priestly ordinations in abundance—ten men for several years in a row?”


Because the Church means very little to a majority of Catholics in today’s ultrasecular day and age


Why are you assuming we didn’t read it?




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I read it. I’m not sure how insightful it was. I’d describe it as more like one very very very long ill-tempered rant with an “and another thing!..” kind of flare to it.

I do agree with him regarding the apparent lack of leadership skills in the hierarchy. I also think a revival of the catholic schools is in order (speaking as one of those black baptists who attended a Catholic school).


A couple of quotes that are spot on in my opinion:

“Priests are educated to cause no offense; and if they do, they face serious repercussions from the diocesan rulers or worse”

“When was the last time you heard a priest or bishop state publicly that the government schools endanger the souls of children every day?” (insert any other “controversial” Catholic teaching here instead of government schools)

In my parish, the younger the priest the more willing they are to speak about hard issues. Hopefully this is a trend that continues.


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