Is it a church?

On The Crescat blog they have pictures of twelve ugly buildings and a contest to see who can correctly identify which of them are churches.

Here are a couple of the “contestants”.

Kat Ebersole uploaded this image to

Looks like a prison for me, but who knows?

Kat Ebersole uploaded this image to

I suspect this one is some Frank Lloyd Wright wannabe on acid’s idea of a “worship space”.

The first one looks like it could be a Friend’s Meeting House…very plain.

I actually get the idea of the second one and figure it’s a Catholic church in a Native-American parish. While it’s quite different, it reminds me of a nearby native parish where the altar is shaped like a canoe because of the importance of that transportation to the community.

The Crescat has now revealed which buildings are churches. She has also promised to post a “parade of rejects” – pics of ugly churches that folks have sent her.

The person who’d started the contest had said that all were Catholic churches but that turns out not to be so. The second one, which I thought was Native American, turns out to be a non-denominational chapel on a development in California. I still like it.

If you’ve been to the contest the Quonset hut church is in Maui. I found other quonset hut churches on the web, Our Lady of Grace and Our Lady of the Way. There’s actually a book that details how these churches came about.

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