Is it a good or bad idea to donate in these circumstances?


I believe it’s a good idea to give to people who are homeless but there a few charities who work specifically not with the homeless but by rather donating to people who are in low socioeconomic circumstances.
These people live in Government provided housing but the charities may assist with food hampers etc.
The issue is that I’m aware that some of these people use Marijuana and drink heavily and rely on charity donations to help feed their children.
It is not my place to judge and I’m sure there’s also many others who are good and just struggling financially and I’m not aware of these people’s potentially difficult pasts or circumstances.

I guess what I’m wondering is is it a good idea to donated food etc to people in these circumstances as their children still need to eat regardless of whether their parents are spending money on marijuana etc,or would donating be doing a disservice to them and just perpetuating a “hand out mindset”?

I hope that didn’t come across too harsh!
I’m not wording in very well.


Well, there is the proverb "Give a man a fish…You know the rest. When do you not earn 'your bread by the sweat of your brow ’ then do you deserve the bread? There are different ways to look at charity or be concerned for the welfare of our fellow man. However, I believe that those that can or healthy enough to do so should be at the very least ‘work’ in some kind of program that can help make the person self-sufficient and enhance one’s personal dignity. Just my own perspective. Poverty has always been with us and will be the ban of every progressive society. You will get a myriad of opinions, suggestions, replies to the eternal cause of poverty. There are no easy answers or solutions. Work with what you have: prayer and action as Christ would.


We cannot know others and we are not supposed to judge them.
Many poor are as you describe and could provide better for their families/children if they did not support one or more vices. Some however need the help even if they are doing everything right.

If you decide to give to charitable organizations that aid low income people, look at it two ways.

  1. You are helping the children who would otherwise suffer.
  2. you are doing your part. If theyabuse it, that is their sin, not yours.



Could you please elaborate on spiritual discernment in this situation?


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