Is it a hopeless cause to hope for my boyfriend's conversion?


Hi everyone. My best friend and I just became boyfriend and girlfriend yesterday. Well, I have been praying for his conversion for a long time now. He has made some progress but not much. Mainly he has become more chaste than he was before. However, he still has his liberal mindset. He is praying to God every day now but as I said, he still has his liberal mindset. I don’t know what to do. I feel like it is a hopeless cause to pray for his conversion to the Catholic Church. He has told me before that he does not like the Catholic Church and he refuses to have anything to do with the Catholic Church except for praying some Catholic prayers which are the more Protestant-friendly ones. My boyfriend is a liberal Protestant Christian. I am at a loss as to what to do. What should I do? Should I simply continue to pray and hope or should I give up? I mean, the situation really does seem hopeless to me. Please pray both for his salvation/conversion and for my encouragement.


Dear friend,

It is never hopeless to pray for the conversion of someone. God works in mysterious ways and what seems hopeless, or without result, to us, in reality is working in ways and times that we cannot imagine.

When I met my husband, 25 years ago, he was a fervent Buddhist. At that time, I was quite lukewarm about my faith, so it did not bother me much. We went through many ups and downs in our marriage. When we had our son, we sent him to a Catholic school (after much arguing with my husband’s family). FInally, after 13 years of civil marriage I managed to persuade him to be married in the Church (with the rite of marriage between a Catholic and a person of another faith). Little by little, when I had a chance, I told him about my faith (by then my love for God and the Church had revived). Little by little, he became interested. Finally he decided to attend the preparation course for baptism. He has been baptized in 2003 and has received Confirmation in 2007. He has completely changed. He used to be very aggressive, self-centered, thinking only of money and advancement. He lied, he stole money from me, he went out with other women.

Now… He is retired. We go to Mass every day. He prays the rosary every day. His hobby is reading about the Saints and going on pilgrimages. When some young men stole his wallet he decided not to report to police and consider the stolen money as a “gift to the poor young people”. We are getting ready to go on mission work abroad as soon as our son graduates from college.

There is always hope… We just cannot imagine how or when God will work with His grace.

He can win all. Trust in Him,



It is never hopeless when God is in the picture. Look at St. Monica! She prayed for the conversion of St. Augustine for years, and he became Catholic. Now he’s one of the most revered saints. :wink:

Ask St. Monica and St. Augustine to help you. I’m sure it’s a worthy quest, but it will take some time. He won’t become Catholic overnight (unless by some great miracle, which God IS capable of :slight_smile: ), so keep being a witness to the faith for him.

Here are some website with prayers to St. Monica and St. Augustine:

God bless you. :slight_smile:


Hmmm, ok. Thanks for this inspiring story sl59. I do appreciate it. :slight_smile: I guess there is hope. :slight_smile:

Thank you CarmeliteGirl. Your post has inspired me as well. I will definitely continue to pray for his conversion. :thumbsup:


We were married for TWENTY YEARS before my husband converted to the Catholic Church. God works on his timetable not ours. Keep praying, and sooner or later your boyfriend will develop a more favorable attitude toward Catholicism, just don’t be surprised if it’s later, not sooner! :rolleyes:


Ah ok thanks Catholic1954. :slight_smile: I will definitely continue to keep him in my prayers. :thumbsup:


Never is it hopeless, to pray to the Lord for someone’s conversion. EVER. Hope in the Lord, and you’ll never hope in vain. (Fr Corapi says that) He’s right. Keep praying…our own human ability to see into the future is always waivering, but God’s strength and mercy surpasses our understanding. Nothing is hopeless for God. :hug1: Congrats on your relationship…I hope this works out …


Thank you for this post. It has helped me a lot. I realize, now, after talking to those of you on this thread and after talking to some other people that it is not hopeless to hope and pray for Darrell’s conversion. :slight_smile: Also, thank you for the congratulations. :slight_smile:


CarmeliteGirl beat me to it! I was going to suggest praying for St. Monica’s intercession! :smiley:

Also, there is a woman named Elisabeth Leseur who is being considered for sainthood. Her case is open, though I’m not sure what her official status is at this point. Anyway, she was a very devout, faithful Catholic who suffered greatly during her life (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). She was married to an atheist who mocked her faith endlessly, yet she kindly and sweetly bore it and never stopped praying for him. She died in her 40s and her husband Felix found her journals after that. After reading of her great love for him and her prayers for his conversion, it was all so powerful that **he became a Catholic priest. ** Actually, I *think *a case for sainthood may have been started for him as well.

Anyway, keep praying, ask Elisabeth and Felix for their intercession too. :slight_smile:


What an incredibly beautiful story! I love stories of love and conversion. :wink:


Wow. Very powerful story! Thanks for sharing this! :thumbsup:


Holly, I’ve been living with atheists for eighteen years (finally off to college, though!). I realized that I really don’t worry about my parents’ lack of faith, because for some reason I’m confident that God’ll have them come round eventually. Oh sure, some days are more distressing than others, but all in all I’m not conserned. Of course I pray for them everyday; that’s all really I can do. My point in all of this is; DON’T GIVE UP!


I forgot to tell you guys that you can get her diary:

:thumbsup: :smiley:


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