Is it a just wrong or a sin?


Hi everyone,several times when i pray the rosary.Like,okay,first mystery then suddenly i become sleepy and then sleep(i pray in the morning).Then,after a few minutes,i wake up again and realise that I haven’t finished saying the rosary.

Is falling asleep in between prayers wrong?Is it something like the apostles did when Jesus went to pray in the Garden Of Gethsemane?

Pls help me,i’ve been having this for days already.God bless


No it isn’t a sin. You don’t intend to fall asleep. In any case for you to pray the rosary is a gift from you to God, not a matter of sin. You do the best you can manage. God doesn’t ask more than that.


I read somewhere that if you fall asleep while praying the angels will finish your prayers for you.


Geez…I hope it’s not a sin b/c I always fall asleep b/c I’m so tired. I too wake up and go “ok…where was I?”

I figure that God is happy for our efforts. It’s better than not praying!

If you are really tired, just do 2 or 3 decades that night. I’ve done that a couple of times when I know I won’t get through 5 decades.


Let me assure you,** it is not a sin. ** even distractions plague us. St Padre Pio is quoted as saying that if a person started a rosary over, every time he/she was distracted, that the person would never finish. That puts us in pretty good company.
Prayers & blessings
Deacon Ed B


it is neither wrong nor any kind of sin. you pray as you can. the important thing is that you pray


St Therese of Lisieux wrote in her biography about falling asleep during prayers, and said something like ‘God, like every parent, loves His children most when they are asleep’, which is a nice image.


I just wanted to add that Saint Therese mentioned that she always had a hard time saying the rosary and never was able to say it as she wished she could. Then she realized that her good intentions and her efforts were enough in themselves - even if she never said it as she should, just the fact that she was trying was pleasing to God :slight_smile:




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