Is it a mortal or venial sin to stand for the couple in a wedding of RCs outside the Church?



I have a question on culpability. I am having no luck with searching the internet. Is it mortal or venial sin to serve in the wedding party of a non-Catholic wedding when the couple being married are both Catholic, but one has already been married in the Church and neither of them are interested in seeking an annulment–ever. This is a very close friend of the family, and my dh is afraid of making waves by pulling out of the wedding. He won’t talk to a priest about it. Should I just mind my own business?

Thank you so much!



It is a mortal sin for Catholics to marry outside the Church. Of course, the requisites for a committing a mortal sin must be present: the act must be objectively sinful, the person must know that it is sinful and the person must freely choose the act. For a Catholic to support such and act, especially publicly, is to share in the sin. Again, for the sin to be mortal, the above requisites must be present.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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