Is it a mortal sin to eat meat in America?

Ordinarily we may think that man has the right to eat meat which involves killing an animal. However, isn’t there a moral requirement to use a method which does not involve unbelievably harsh, cruel and painful treatment to the animal? It has come to my attention that presently the meat industry in the USA causes horrific pain and suffering to animals, using incredibly cruel methods to slaughter them. The meat industry does not want you to know about it, but Paul McCartney has explained this in the following:
Knowing that the meat industry uses these particularly brutal, savage, merciless and painful procedures to kill animals, would it then be a sin, even perhaps a mortal sin, to sit idly by and do nothing while this is happening and enjoy your hamburger or chicken sandwich?

It would certainly be a far smaller sin than sitting by while 1,000,000 innocent children are being killed and disposed of using equally brutal, savage, merciless and painful procedures.

But I wouldn’t know. :smiley:

I was going to use the eating popcorn icon until I realized that popcorn kernels are violently harvested.

You brute! What about the way they are roasted in a fiery furnace? Truly a pagan punishment worthy of Nebuchadnezzar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only if you worship on the altar of PETA.

Or fois gras. Don’t they treat the ducks cruelly so that their livers grow abnormally large? You raise an interesting question. To what extent are we responsible for cruelty to animals and how grave a matter is it? I have no idea. I could probably live without meat as long as there was enough fish and tofu.


Nope, not a sin. Do your really think an entire country would be convicted of mortal sin because of a Big mac? Time to care more about human children than :rolleyes: the cow.

There has to be full knowledge and intent for it to be a mortal sin. Full knowledge is the hard one I think. Not every company is that bad. For the most part you won’t know which meat packages at the store are from companies that torture animals. Research the companies names but might not be much info about some of them.

As much as I enjoy “Band on the Run”, I cannot accept Paul McCartney as a world authority on anything; he doesn’t even live here.

Not a mortal sin, but it is disgusting where these practices exist, and it’s a fine show of a lack of interest in the well being of the world when people simply don’t care, or point to a different issue to care more about. Catholics should be at the forefront of justice, even when it is for animals. This does not mean assigning human privileges to animals-- I believe we can eat them, as God said-- but it does mean treating them humanely, and thinking about the impact that the meat industry has on the world as well.

Creation is God’s, and it is good. It is not to be treated cruelly for, even God, the master of creation, took pity on his animals in the last verse of Jonah.

Not all of us can do something about everything, nor are we called to-- but those who sweep it under the rug without a second thought, their actions are offensive to God.

(Edit: if you are particularly concerned, and you don’t know if your meat is coming from a safe place [don’t forget those videos are just as propaganda and misleading as anything the meat industry will tell you for their side], just stop buying meat. I eat it when it is offered to me but I’ve only bought meat a few times in the last year. I also raise chickens so I don’t have to buy eggs, which industry is likewise horrifying. Cook vegetarian dishes for your friends and family, but never talk about it-- just if they ask)

You might consider a Kosher butcher. As I understand it, Kosher slaughtering requirements mandate that the animal feel no pain and die within 2 seconds.

Because a fish that’s gasping for breath after being yanked out of the water happily gave up its life for your dinner?

The requirements are that the animal not be injured, but pain doesn’t figure into the equation. If the throat is slit properly death will come quickly, but with the need to process many animals as fast as possible, a proper cut doesn’t often happen.

Yes. I believe that this is a good suggestion.

Easy solution: find a kosher butcher. It is my understanding that the animals are killed humanely.

Paul McCartney is an expert at singing. He is not an expert at beef production.

This is an overly broad generalization about how beef and other animals are slaughtered and not an accurate account of how all people in agriculture raise, care for, and process their animals.

This is not how we treat our animals nor how we have our animals processed (we raise beef). Our animals are humanely raised. We use a USDA certified facility that emloys Temple Grandin’s methods of meat handling.

Do your research and don’t rely on propoganda to inform you.

P E T A people look away for a second.

I raise chickens and rabbits for meat. If an animal is highly stressed and in cruel pain just before slaughter, the quality of the meat goes down. It fills with blood and naturally occurring hormones will toughen the meat and make it more “gamey”. Anyone who raises animals for food can tell you that a Quick and painless as possible method of slaughter is the standard. Now that being said, there will always be someone out there who does NOT practice responsible and ethical practices of animal dispatch.

Ask yourself this question, on all the those “undercover” films “documenting” cruel practices, could they be PITA plants CAUSING this just to make their point?:mad:

I find very often people mistake notoriety for authority.

Just because someone is famous does not mean that they know any more about a topic than anyone else.

Actors should act, not use their notoriety to play politics.
Singers should do likewise.

I believe that food production a a cost effective system that kills the animals expeditiously, and not as humanely “as possible.”

To the OP, why not go to a kosher or halal butcher?

Well, some Chinese, Koreans eat dogs and they say inflicting pain before the animal is killed, makes the meat tastier.
I am not a PETA fan and not all those documentaries are made by PETA. I suppose its easier for people to believe animals do not suffer.

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