Is it a mortal sin to have fun?

Is it a mortal sin to have fun? I have looked at several threads on the moral theology forum, and they seem to point in this direction. But none of them state it outright. They might say it is a sin to be a seat hopper at a baseball game, or to rub your belly because it feels good. They might say it is a sin to drink beer, or to smoke a cigarette. They might say it is a sin to eat an icecream cone. Some say that it is a sin to look at a beautiful woman, because, damn, she looks good. All of these threads imply that life should not be fun, and any attempt to have fun or enjoy life is a sin, and most likely mortal. So, is it a sin to have fun?

One can have a cigarette, a beer and watch baseball. Just don’t get drunk. You can also rub your belly:thumbsup:. I personally wouldn’t look at a women for too long if it meant temptation turned to consent. Life is an exile but we can have fun for sure

And it’s not the having fun that is the problem by any means. Ice cream and drinks are fine as long as one is moderate and does not indulge in gluttony or drunkenness.

Rubbing the belly? :whacky: Unless the ‘good feelings’ are a polite term for something naughtier then I don’t see any problem.

Looking at women? Well there’s looking and looking. It is intent that matters.

LOL! Exactly! Why do people think so many things are a sin? I see a lot of threads where people ask if this or that is a sin, I don’t understand it either. :shrug: Is laughing a sin? Is setting an alarm clock a sin? Is it a sin to have a cat? Is it a sin to turn on air conditioner in the summer? LOL! Some seem to think the most normal things are a sin, I don’t get it.

I sure hope not, because I’m going straight to Hell if that’s the case. :egyptian:

better question to ask is it a sin to be born with no commonsense that leads to asking dumb questions?

Your body is a temple, so to smoke a cigarette of today that is addictive sets an example for others to not be disciplined to not be tempeted to test fate…
Some beer is full of Phosphates to give it a fiss, that is used as a cleaner to clean out stains and dirt, and it seems to do the same to your body by washing or cleaning out what your body doesnt really need to have cleaned out…pop and beer are filled with a natural cleaners and acids that are hard on the olbody, addictive and harmfull to the human body, which is a sin to defile the temple of God.

Guess its back to the ol statement that at one time it was important to set a higher standard for ourselves as Catholics to avoid those vices that lead to being addictions. Today we are excussed from picking up our crosses and setting a higher example to follow, and being an example to and for others to follow .

Yes. :mad:

Sarah x :slight_smile:


Christ Himself had fun.

He went to the Wedding at Cana… and, what’s more, made some more wine, of the finest sort, for the revellers. Were they not having fun?

Puritanism has no place in Catholicism.

WWJD … do a google search … What Would Jesus Drink?


And there are photographs of popes smoking.

Saint Padre Pio used snuff.

Check it out.

Also check out … do a search right here on CAF for " scrupulosity "

Don’t confuse immorality with political correctness.

Check this discussion … only 13 posts, so scroll down and read here:

posts 6 & 8

Is it a sin to have fun? I sure hope not!! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to an amusement park, but I hope to get to another one someday. So, don’t go telling me that’s a sin! :stuck_out_tongue:

IMHO, because people that ask questions like that find it easier to be “told” what to do, than to think for themselves. Yes, you are right it does border on the silly.

As for drinking, if you have been to a Catholic wedding reception and did not see people having fun, drinking or dancing, go back outside and check the denomination on the sign in front of the church. If it reads, “Baptist, Pentacostal”, you are in the wrong place.

When I signed up on CAF, the first question I found unreal was, “Is it a sin to work at Starbucks or buy their products?”

You wouldn’t believe the silliness. Another one was about finding out your real estate agent is gay, would you still hire him/her? Yeah, really, I kid you not.

My suggestion? Start checking out some caves to live in because it’s obvious you aren’t living in the real world.

To the OP, you are not going to change people hearts by pointing out what “you” perceive to be a “wrong”. Positive change comes from within. We are human, we fail, again and again and again. Not one of us is perfect. Sure you can strive for perfection, but it is way out of bounds. You would have to excuse yourself from the “human race”,

No - it is not sinful to have fun.

I have witnessed nuns having fun - playing soccer, card games, etc. They are competitive but in a fun way. And boy are they fun to watch. But they are limited to only about 1 hour of recreation each day. Having fun is healthy.

I also assume that the people at the Wedding feast at Cana were having fun (or they wouldn’t have run out of wine so soon). So we know that God permits and allows us to drink and be merry to some degree. It is excess that is sinful (gluttony).

Admiring an attractive person is not sinful, but for those of us that are weak (including me), it can be the occasion of sin and can lead to lust.


Great question. I think often times those who ask it, and I don’t get this from your question, are the one’s who are overly focused on “fun” and have been asked by loved one’s to tone it down a bit. Their idea of fun is probably a bit overboard to those around them.

I would think Jesus had a lot of fun. If he were boring and stodgy I’m not sure huge crowds would have been attracted to him.

Thanks for the discussion

It is mortally sinful to commit mortal sins, even if you think they are fun. If you don’t know what is a sin and what isn’t, you need to read the Catechism and find a good confessor.

LOL. Only here. This place not only attracts scrupulous people, it feeds their scrupulosity by placing “requirements” on Catholicism that don’t exist in real life.

When it comes to what is a sin and what isn’t, your Confessor is your best friend.

Love ya! Mean it! Right on!:thumbsup:

Source: Bedside Book of Saints.

Yes, especially when they are outside of my bedroom window waxing romantic at 3:00am!

I thought the idea of fun being a sin was a Puritan idea, not a Catholic one. I wonder if the posters asking the “Is it a sin” question were primarily Americans. It seems like the Puritan influence has rubbed off on American Catholics.

Well, there are prudes all over the place. It isn’t suprising to find some here. :smiley:

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