Is it a mortal sin to miss Mass because of travel?

Hi, im a highschool senior and im planning on touring the country with a Drum and Bugle Corps group called Phantom Regiment this summer. Obviously ill try to make it to mass whenever i can, during the first part of the summer for about a month well be in one place training and ill mostly likley make it to mass every sunday, but for the second part of the summer ill be touring the country, litteraly from coast to coast and there wont be much time for me to make it to mass. Ill either be in at a venue or in tourbus driving to our next venue. I guess what asking is if i do this with full intention of going to every mass i can, and yet the knowledge that missing mass at some point will be unavoidable, is it a mortal sin. again, i will go to every mass that im able to go to, but i know i will miss some. I pray daily and i dont find going to church a chore, i understand its importance, so i will not enjoy missing mass.

The following link should answer your question about missing Mass. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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