Is it a mortal sin to miss Mass because your mother started making dinner late?

We planned to go to evening Mass, but my Mum has suddenly started making dinner (the last Mass is in 50 minutes, so It’s un-likely we’ll make it ).

If we do miss Mass, would I be in mortal sin? :frowning:

I have missed Mass for more pathetic reasons than that.


That’s really very awkward, and I feel for you.

May I ask how old you are? And are you dependent on your family to give you a lift to church? Those questions really aren’t mean sarcastically! It’s just that I want to understand the situation.

But on a serious note I think the Church states that it is a sin… yes.


Well, not for everyone in the family, as I understand it, if the situation is out of their control.

We don’t know as yet how old the OP is, and how dependent he/she is on getting a lift. I would say that a young person has a duty not to cause friction in their family, too.

Of course.

Thanks for your responses. Sorry it’s a slow reply.

I do have a car and I’m 22. I feel bad if I don’t have what she cooks because I’m often late home from university and she always buys good-quality food for us, when she can’t even afford the shopping anyway.

But, it’s still rejecting God, so I do believe it’s a sin, but it’s not a complete rejection? I would have preferred to go.


In order for it to be “mortal” it has to be quite serious. Not to downplay missing mass, but I don’t think it counts as “mortal”.

Thank you!

I will still confess it, but am glad that I can receive Communion before Saturday :slight_smile:

You are 22 years old. You are an adult. You have an obligation to go to Mass every Sunday. It is a mortal sin if you don’t . Under normal circumstances your mom making dinner late is not an acceptable excuse. I’m sure she would hold a plate for you to reheat when you get home if you asked. Next Sunday go in the morning if she is going to make dinner during Mass.

To understand the complexities of Sin, I find it easier, sometimes, to view the action as “is it something that separates me from God” or “Is it something that makes ME want to separate myself from God (i.e. out of embarrassment)”

The action is considered grave in nature if it is the latter. With that being said, it would be mortal if the latter is committed intentionally, with full knowledge of its consequence, and with deliberate consent. (Only you and God can determine if the offense fulfills the last two of the requirements).

A venial sin would be qualify as “something that separates you from God” and by obvious reasoning a venial sin could ultimately become a mortal sin over time and within curtain circumstances.

So couldn’t ANY sin be considered “mortal”? Why have a difference?

Thank you for stating so clearly what I am finally beginning to understand! I’ve always struggled just a bit with knowing the difference between mortal sins and venial sins. As a Baptist, sin was sin and it all separated me from God (in my understanding, anyway), yet even as a Baptist, some sins made me want to stay away from God in embarrassment, while others didn’t necessarily. I’m finally beginning to understand that the difference.

Well no because moral sin requires three conditions to be met. If you view the sin as less of an “action” that was committed and more of “conditions surrounding the action” that was committed you can start to understand the difference.

That’s a different way of looking at it, but I still need some more clarification about it.

1) Is it something that separates me from God?: Yes

2) Is it something that makes me want to separate myself from God?: Only because I’m not sure if I can receive Communion before Saturday.

I’ve never been able to understand grave and mortal sins. The three conditions in the catechism only help a little bit. I once had a nightmare that someone had a gun and I didn’t know if I was in a state of mortal sin or not so was scared I would go to hell lol.

I said this on another thread (it should be my signature) but people with too much time on their hands and desire to bully can make anything sound like a mortal sin.

My advice would be to read the precepts of the Catholic Church and follow them.

From this, I would consider this objectively grave, and you should bring it to Confession, since you had the means, have the age of majority and had complete control of the situation. You could have gone and you didn’t, choosing instead a plate of food.

As I cannot judge the state of your soul, I am in no position to determine whether you are in mortal sin. All I know is that this is an objectively serious matter. As to whether you had full knowledge and full consent, only you can answer that, possibly with the help of your confessor.

I would say, that unless you are a young child, that yes it would indeed be a sin to miss Mass for such a pathetic reason. You could have gone, you chose instead to stay home.

Perhaps if YOU set a better example, Mum might be more inclined to accommodate to the Mass schedule?

only if she made tuna casserole.

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