Is it a mortal sin to miss Mass when ill?



I want to go to mass every Sunday/Saturday evenning but I suffer from an illness when I find I can’t go out. Sometimes I overcome this but also there are times when I don’t overcome it. It often happens when I should be going to Mass. I am a good practicing catholic and have to confess this over the phone to my priest who seems to understand. But I don’t know if I am committing a mortal sin or not. Sometimes this is a mental illness I have been told and because of this I feel guilty when I don’t go get to mass. This happened to me when I had an allergy to a antibiotic of which I had a terrible reaction. Since then I haven’t been able to go out just when I want to so consquently I stay in most of the time and pray. Do you think I am committing a mortal sin. God knows if I am well enough to go to mass but i don’t always think I am able to so I suffer from severe guilt

I would love to know what you have to say.
God bless you



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