Is it a Mortal Sin to Not Read a Question and Answer from the Ask an Apologist Section of this Forum?

I know I have a scrupulous conscience, but I’d like to have a peaceful night tonight, so please answer. Is it grave matter to not read a topic from the Ask an Apologist thread?

:eek: I cannot possibly see why it would be.

Scrupulosity is indeed horrible, and can become the sin, if not checked. Keep in mind that it is basically impossible to “accidentally” commit a mortal sin. Sin must be a conscious choice to sin. Have a look at these 10 commandments to avoid scrupulosity:


  1. Do not repeat prayers, no matter how badly they may have been prayed, even if the prayers were given to you as a penance during the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession).

  2. Do not repeat the confession of sins that have already been confessed and which have never been re-committed.

  3. If you doubt the earnestness of your sorrow in Confession, consider the sorrow as having been adequate.

  4. If you are doubtful as to whether a past action committed was sinful, mention it simply to your confessor.

  5. If you are worrying that maybe you never confessed a certain sin from your past, consider it confessed. If you know for a fact that you have never confessed that sin, then confess it simply. The Holy Spirit does not torment us with doubts and/or guilt; rather, He always brings peace as He awakens our conscience to our sins.
    (cf. 2 Corinthians 7:10-11: “Indeed, sorrow for God’s sake produces a repentance without regrets, leading to salvation, whereas worldly sorrow brings death. Just look at the fruit of this sorrow which stems from God. What a measure of holy zeal it has brought you.”)

  6. Examine your conscience for no longer than three minutes each day, and for no longer than about ten minutes before you go to Confession.

  7. If you have prayed at the time of temptation, you can be sure you did not commit a mortal sin.

  8. If you have a history of scrupulosity, and you have made a General Confession at some time in your past, do not make another General Confession. Once a month is a good norm for the frequency of a regular Confession.

  9. If possible, go to Confession to the same confessor-priest.

10.Most importantly, cultivate a humble heart by complete obedience to the direction of your confessor. Be patient with yourself. Love is the goal of all our lives. It is important to remember that scrupulosity usually (and, quite often, ultimately) stems from one’s personal pride or arrogance, as though the scrupulous person holds this personal opinion: “I have a higher norm than most normal people.”

Posted by Fr. Wade Menezes of the Fathers of Mercy.

But what happens if I don’t know the answer?

Then you still won’t know the answer.

If not knowing everything in the entire world is a mortal sin, then I’m in trouble. :eek:


I think your fine OP

This is a [superb] forum to ask and answer things regarding our faith and also give answers to those who not are Catholics.

I hope this will help you. To not read something is not a sin, unless it is a penace given by a conffessor. Here a numerous questions and answers, and only 24 hours in a day, and it is impossible, unless you do have something else to do, to read every question and answer. And nobody require a member to read all that what here is written. Not reading is not a sin. (And not a breach of forum rules neither.)

Many Many Catholics are not members of this Forum. Many don’t speak English

It cannot possibly be sinful to not read the random questions by members of the public, and the entirely fallible answers to those questions by self appointed “Apologists”.

It’s not even a mortal sin to not read the bible: (though it’s highly recommended that you do regularly read this)

I would advise the following:

  1. read the Bible.
  2. Read the recommended spiritual reading by the Saints, and especially by the Doctors of the Church. Books like “Introduction to the Devout Life” “Story of a Soul” “Interior Castle” and many others make great reading and will help you draw closer to The Lord.
  3. Read the publications of the Vatican - start with a version of the Catechism. The CCC if you’re up to something that big, The Compendium of Catholic Doctrine if you want the “Cliff Notes” version, or “You-Cat” if you want a book in the “Dorling Kindersly”/ “Idiots Guide” style of publications.
    After that you can focus on the texts that most appeal to you: The documents of Vatican Council 2, Humanae Vitae, The Compendium of Social Doctrine of the Church, and the many many other Encyclicals and writings of the Magisterium. You can pick based on the guidance of a reading list, or a spiritual director - or just the topics that most interest you…

For me: I’m in the process of reading my Bible from cover to cover (instead of picking themed readings as previously). I do this at Lunch time
I’m reading The Interior Castle. This is beside my bed.
I’m currently reading “Interpretation of the Holy bible in the Church” by the Pontifical Biblical Commission, but that’s low on my priority list, and I don’t get to it often.

My “Wish List” for things to read is truly immense. Time is very limited.

Why would you think it to be a sin? Are those without the internet sinning? I would ask your Priest about this.

Have you gotten professional help for your mental health issues yet???

… Doesn’t look like it. :shrug:

OP, please please please talk to your priest and a mental health professional. I think you really need it. :frowning:

I am praying that you have a peaceful night every night.

Suffering from OCD and scrupulosity may be a cause not to be at peace.

You do not have to read even one topic on any of the threads.

Please speak with your priest and medical professional on your fear of mortal sin from not reading something on the internet. Ask them to help you be released from this fear and please follow their advice.

Come on guys, we are not here to comment on anyones mental health. I may be new on this forum but old in the game.

It was a question that has bothering him, and in some way I can understand. It ain’t fair mocking someone for a honest and maybe very important matter. I really thought that here a moderators who control what we post. Your sarcastic remarks will not help anyone struggling with a problem or two.

1ke’s not being sarcastic or mocking, she’s extremely concerned. As am I, if the OP really believes that not reading a post on a forum is a mortal sin.

read what you want to read, period. Not everything is a sin. Don’t go looking for problems when there aren’t any.:shrug:

No, of course not. Can’t think why you would even question that. I don’t always because it questions a topic I either feel comfortable with my own ideas, or is not of interest/relevance to my life currently. Sometimes I check it out because of curiosity, and I am not sure that is the best choice either.

God Bless

Yes, you are new here.

I am NOT being sacrastic. The OP has a serious scrupulosity and OCD issues and has been counseled numerous times in prior posts to get professional help.

Anytime you have to ask a question which begins with “Is it a mortal sin to…” , the answer is: No, it is not. The reason is simple. It’s only a mortal sin if you know it’s a mortal sin. Asking the question shows doubt. A doubtful sin is not mortal.

There are more then one way to tell something, and believe my, I know.

And in my opinion medical issues should never be discussed on a open net-forum, no matter what the issue may be. It is all about ethic and moral. It is strictly forbidden to give medical advise without knowing the whole story. I am aware of the fact that in many countrys around the world there a magazines who have a “ask the doctor” pages. That is boarder line, usually, however, the info the asker give is often detailed but not published fully. I would not give answers in a paper, but as I said, it is borderline situation but not recomende beacause without all information of the health status impossible to be absolutely sure that the advice or answer is correct.

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