Is it a mortal sin to not study every day for a exam

So the CST test is coming up in 3 weeks and my teacher said I should have a plan for the next 3 weeks, my plan is to try to study in the middle of the second week and the final week so I could remember everything.So would it be a sin to not study every day for my CST? I think I might fail the test even if I study because I felt like i really even learned any thing,I used to be good in math but now im failing math.Please help. God BLESS YOU.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Seriously though, while it might be unwise to refrain from studying, such an act is not sinful in itself. There might be some sin if it involves disobeying a parent who told you to study, but that would be a different matter and even then I have a hard time imagining it being mortal.

In any case, good luck on your exam. (A lot of my calculus 2 students will fail their exam tomorrow, so you’ll be in good company in any case.)

The big question is, are you paying for this yourself or are your parents paying?

If your parents are paying for your college you have an obligation to try harder than if you are doing it yourself, because it is not your money. But if you paid for this class yourself do whatever you want.

Even if you think that argument is bogus, it is your life, you chose to be in the class. You will not burn in eternity for not doing something you chose to do… get it? If I choose to run 3 miles every day but only run 2 days a week I’m not going to hell, nor am i worshipping any god who would send me there solely for that reason.

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No problem, and thanks. She’s really quiet nice, when she’s not trying to chew someone’s face off. And she hardly ever does that anymore.


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Oh, and I completely agree.

OP: You have posted a LOT of “is this a sin” type threads. Please make an appointment to meet with your pastor for some spiritual guidance.

I cant remember who said it: work as though everything depends on you, and pray as if everything depends on God.

The only sin I can think of that would relate to this is Sloth, and I don’t think it’s confirmed that sloth is grave matter.

Please. I beg of you. Do not think not-studying every day is a mortal sin. Do not.

^ This.

You can’t go through life constantly agitating over what might be sinful.

Have you talked to your priest yet about your scrupulosity issues?

Having 10 years of undergraduate and graduate (veterinary) study in the past, and recently 12 years of seminar study, I can perhaps give some advice on studying:

  1. Everyone has their own learning style.

  2. There is no easy way to study; it can be hard work, it can be tedious.

  3. What I’ve found helpful is to put in time every day, in every class, even if it’s just 10-15 minutes for review even if you don’t feel like it. The more you review, the more you remember.

  4. Putting off studying until the very last in order to “remember the material better” is unwise. It is procrastination.

In terms of sinful, probably not, but it is a very, very bad idea to not put in the time to study, especially if the subject matter is difficult for you.

It took me a long time to learn this, but when faced with multiple classes (18-21 credits a term, graduate level), unless someone is truly gifted with an amazing memory, there simply is not enough time to study. In other words, one cannot study and review too much. Given that reality, one has to put more time per credit hour into the classes that are more difficult for him/her than into the ones where the class is less demanding or the information seems to come easier.



I would worry less about whether this is a sin and more about studying for the test. Just study! :wink:

I had a midterm exam yesterday in one of my classes. I started studying the day of the test and only got like an hour and a half worth of studying…

Ahhh! How did you do?

How would it be a sin? The plan you described is fine.

I think I did alright but probably missed a few questions. I was lucky because the instructor told us what to look for on the exam =)

and quite boring.

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