Is it a mortal sin to say that you hate the Devil?

I am kind of scrupulous but today after coming out of Mass(during Mass I had been battling with obsessive temptation to evil thoughts) and during mass I asked myself if I hated Satan, I guess I knew we aren’t supposed to hate anyone. After Mass I said in my head that I do hate him.

So now I’m worried cause I know deliberate hatred can be a mortal sin, so now I am worried if I can go to mass and receive before I can go to confession since I said I hated someone?

Part of me says it’s the devil and he is already in Hell so hating him is different than if I hated a person here on Earth. Also I tried to reassure myself that this is not a mortal sin since in the St. Michael prayer we say “cast into hell Satan” and if I said that about anyone else that would be a mortal sin(since wshing hell upon one is sinful) but if we’re allowed to say that phrase in the St. Michael prayer we should be allowed to hate satan?


One cannot love God and not hate Satan. There is no good in Satan to love. You did not sin!
More precisely: To love anything, it must have more than metaphysical goodness, i.e., it must have more good to it than its’ merely existing. And Satan does not!

Fr. VS

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