Is it a mortal sin to touch sacred vessels?


A few months ago I was appointed the sacristan of my parish. My job is to prepare the altar for Mass and to set out the sacred vessels for the priest (the chalices, ciborium, and patens). I’m also an altar server.

I was reading some material from the website of another Catholic parish (Anglican Use) regarding the proper care of communion vessels, which stated in no uncertain terms that the laws of the Church explicitly say that it is unlawful for anyone who is not ordained, or a solemnly instituted acolyte, to touch sacred vessels under the pain of mortal sin.

I’m neither ordained nor a solemnly insituted acolyte, infact, I’m only sixteen! Is it really a mortal sin for me to be preparing these vessels for Mass, and putting them away in the sacristy after services? :eek:



It is NOT even a venial sin to touch the sacred vessals. You are more sacred than inanimate objects! You receive the body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus when you receive the Eucharist. You are not only a receptical for the Lord’s body and blood, you can actually love and worship Him.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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