Is it a mortal sin to watch this horror flick?

On a recent “EWTN Live”, I thought I heard a priest mention that if anyone sees a certain movie, they will be in a state of mortal sin. Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention; I think he was referencing an upcoming movie about zombies.

Is this true? I thought that while movies can be morally bankrupt, watching them is not necessarily a sin, much less a mortal one! I understand and accept the Church’s teachings on pornographic movies, but am I really committing a sin if I watch “Dawn of the Dead” or other such movies?

Dear Celtic,

Other than the story line, there are two things that I am concerned about when I’m discerning whether or not to see a movie.

One concerns whether the movie might be a temptation or an occasion of sin for me.

The other is whether by my financial support I am supporting the making of movies that contradict my values and which could lead others to sin?

To choose to see a movie that is a temptation for me could lead me to serious sin. Likewise, to pay for a movie that supports values contrary to my Catholic values could be a serious sin for me.

Going to the show is not just a matter of looking at a flick. Being an adult Catholic means making respsonsible choices.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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