Is it a mortal sin?


Today someone cut me off on the street, and on top of it, the person insulted me and made obscene gestures, i lost it and flipped this person off in anger, i immediately realized my wrong, and now i wonder if i commited mortal sin.


Read the Catechism on mortal sin. No you didn´t commit a mortal sin. God bless: Thumbsup:: Thumbsup:: Thumbsup:


No it is not a mortal sin, but you should try hard to control your anger. There are many sites that talk about how Christians can deal with anger and frustration. My son has anger issues and I printed a whole page of ways he can overcome it when he gets mad and frustrated. Look up some of those sites, and it will help you. It did help him.


I doubt you sinned,,,,, we all fall off our branch at some stage,,,,,
put it down to another lesson on life.....


Wonderful replies above...

It's difficult to deal with these kinds of things as discrete instances without knowing more about one's general way of dealing with things. (and no I'm not asking for details)
My personal experience is that, while even a saint can be moved to anger at times, most of us struggle with anger issues to one degree or another.

It is the anger issue that is more of a concern than the specific act of "flipping someone off" or whatever.

While I agree with the others here that this does not quite rise to the level of mortal sin, I would say that it is a serious sin...and one that should be confessed.

We need the grace of confession to combat our "character flaws" (anger, greed, envy, pride etc.) which are often the underlying causes of many of our sins...



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