Is it a normal occurence?


I went to the Ascention Mass today and when I got there I came into a bunch of guitar music. What they did today was instead of the usual piano and organ music they replaced the organ and piano with guitar. My opinion doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things but it still bugged me. I felt like I was going to some hippy Woodstock bunk. Was this so at any of your Masses?

Thank you


I’ve been to some beautiful Folk Masses as well as a few very very irritating ones that detracted from the Mass. I think it all depends on the group.



Yeah, I hope this was just a one-time thing. It is really bugging me more then I should let it.


IIRC “Silent night” was written as a guitar piece because the organ was broken
Sometimes that guitar thing works just fine

Besides the “traditional” piano and organ are fairly recent inventions

They probably had medieval “folk” music with lutes before the guitar was invented


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