Is it a sin for me to do embryonic stem cell research?

I am physician and want to get Phd in basic science in Stem cell research. I found a good potential mentor who works on ESCR embryonic stem cells lines obtained from donations through IVF labs In Vitro Fertilization. I am a catholic person and I dont want to comiit a sin through my research. Is it a sin to participate ? is so is it a grave sin?
I dont need opinions, I just need to know if it a sin or not.
I hope to get answer from a priest
thank you

Yes. Adult stem cells are fine, but embryonic you have to destroy a person to get them. Gravely wrong. It’s experimenting on other human beings, which is NEVER ok.

Hope that helps.

I have a partial background in Biochemistry, Bioethics and Catholic moral teaching, they have been components of the degrees I have done and continue to do.
It is considered to be morally wrong to experiment on Embryonic Stem cells and Embryonic Stem Cell lines. Given their nature and the unethical method by which they were obtained the Church would consider any research done by an individual researcher using Embryonic stem cells as formal cooperation in a morally grave matter and which should be avoided by Catholics.

As the previous commentator mentioned the use of pluripotent Adult stem cells in research is often morally licit(some lines are require using Embryonic stem cells in part of their production) and an area the Church endorses and, in some countries, funds.

I would be happy to suggest/provide links to the relevant catholic documents which deal with these matters if you wish, however I would suggest speaking to a priest face to face if possible as he would be able to give you information better suited to your situation.


Visit a priest and find out who in your diocese has been tasked by your bishop to counsel on bioethics issues. Most dioceses have designated people chosen by the bishop.

Your pursuit will also have a side benefit of gratification, to your priests, bishop, and the bioethics advisor…that gratification comes from seeing smart, alert, Cathoilcs wanting to do the right thing, striving to learn and to do right.

Well done, Doctor.

Yes, it is a grave sin to do what you propose.

The Church has no problem with adult stem cell research, including cord blood stem cells. Please find a program that uses adult stem cells.

Embryonic stem cell research is gravely immoral. It is gravely immoral to kill embryos and extract their stem cells.

• Embryonic stem cells: the Church firmly opposes human embryonic stem cell research because obtaining embryonic stem cells involves killing embryos and because creating embryos by somatic cell nuclear transfer means cloning humans. Both cloning and the killing of embryos violate the sacred life we are given by God and thus are evil.

I don’t see how you could justify it. If your pastor can’t give you a solid answer, go to your Bishop. To me, this research would constitute material cooperation with a gravely immoral activity and cannot be morally justified. Linus2nd

Yes, please do! We need more Catholics doing adult stem cell research.

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