Is it a sin for me to go to a mass where they sit down during the Gospel and gather around the altar for the Eucharist without kneeling?

I didn’t get to go to mass earlier today. This mass is a student, 9:30PM mass. Is it better to go to an illicit mass than no mass? This mass is only my “last resort” mass.

Today is Monday, there is no Mass obligation for today. Going to any valid Mass is a good and Holy act. However if you know you are to stand for the gospel, then stand for the Gospel, and remain in your “pew”, or by your chair during the Consecration.

Yes, it is better to go to a Mass with illicit practices than not to go to Mass at all. As Bro Rich said, we should not participate in individual postures, gestures, etc. which we know to be illicit.

If there is sin for aberrations during the mass, it is the sin of the priest, not of the people attending. If it is on Sunday, we have an obligation to go to mass and a mass with liturgical aberrations is still a valid mass (unless the priest uses invalid words of consecration, which luckily I have never seen). Many people are stuck and have to go to masses provided by a dissenting priest if they are to go at all. Perhaps they don’t have a car or the one or two parishes in their neighborhood or town are all run by priests who proudly reject Catholic liturgical law.
That said, I used to go to daily mass as the “Catholic” university where I work, and it became too disturbing for me to go there, so I only go to mass in other parishes. I even heard a priest speak against the pope during the sermon. I would kneel during the eucharistic prayer when everyone else stood, and so forth, but I didn’t like being a silent sign of contradiction during the mass and so I finally went elsewhere, since it interfered with my prayer. If the liturgical abuses are very disturbing I recommend going to to mass elsewhere, if possible.

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