Is it a sin for women to wear pants?


Some Catholics, especially in the blogosphere, think they can do a better job of defining sin better than the Magisterium. Unfortunately they happen to be more vocal than the rest.

It’s a minefield out there and any Catholic who is just beginning to learn their faith should be mindful of this.

I spend several years feeling like I was living in sin because according to some Catholics in the blogosphere, if you weren’t a stay at home housewife or a nun, you were living in sin. Also some of them also think that a woman who was financially independent and not relying on a man, either husband or father, for financial support, was living in sin. Extra sin points if a woman had a university degree.


Such people need to read Proverbs 31.


No it is not a sin

The End.


Being male, I find it far more attractive when a woman wears skirts and dresses. However, what gives the most glory to God? I think it is up to the individual to answer that question for themselves in keeping with reasonable modesty.


I don’t think it’s a sin, but I do appreciate that my wife always wears dresses to mass.


I don’t think it is a sin for a woman to wear pants. This discussion reminds me of St. Joan of arc. I think they actually used the fact that she wore men’s clothes as an argument against her. But, that was a different culture far removed from today.


If there is, I am a bad sinner. But there’s no teaching that wearing pants is a sin. I go to a quite traditional church and almost always wear pants.


This is as close to a dress code you will find in the Catholic Church. Seems like ladies can wear longer shorts and dresses/skirts. When you go to Rome you will see the “fashionista police” standing outside churches and the Vatican museum making sure people are properly dressed. If not, visitors are asked to cover or leave.


Roma locuta est.


There is a Marian apparition in somewhere (Vietnam I believe) where just visible under her dress are a pair of pants matching what women of that area wore at the time, given Mary always appears as a native of whomever/wherever she appears. I can’t imagine she would do this if it were immoral.





So don’t



Depends on the pants. If they’re obnoxiously tight so to accentuate the body for specific purpose of drawing attention, then yes. And that’s quite common today.


I’ve noticed that in Eastern and Native American cultures there was a tradition of women wearing tunic-length tops with pants underneath. I think it is the best of both ideas. You are definitely covered for the upper body and with different colors, patterns, material or ornament, you have the more feminine side.

To me, it boils down to how tight the pants are … and that would be true on men or women. We sometimes have women / girls at our church come in wearing extremely revealing leggings with no tunic top, or skin tight skinny jeans. In those cases, it is obvious that they have taken the wearing of pants too far to be appropriate in general.


The idea that wearing a dress or skirt makes a woman more woman is utterly absurd


There was also a time when if a woman were menstruating, she was considered unclean… fortunately the chuch jettisoned that stupid idea… same should be done with the ban on pants or forcing woman to wear burkas …


The church doesn’t teach anything at all.


No it’s not a sin.
My nationality is Croatian,a traditionally catholic country and women wear dress/skirt a lot but also wear pants and nobody has an issue with it or say it’s is a sin.

Croatian woman are feminine and Croatian men are masculine.
The point isn’t about wearing pants but about not trying to be the other gender.
Eg:some people today want to be gender fluid or we see some lesbians dress as men and vice versa and I think this is the real “issues”.
Generally though,most women’s pants are in feminine shape or even sexy look,and most men pants are masculine shape.


It’s not intrinsically evil for a woman to wear pants, especially given the example of St. Joan of Arc. However, when a woman wears pants in modern society, other moral issues may come up, although none of them concern the act itself of wearing pants. If a woman dresses in this manner without a good reason to do so (such as performing work which requires her to wear pants), it is less than ideal. If she dresses like this because she desires to imitate men, then that would be problematic for herself psychologically with regard to her own femininity, and it would be problematic for society given the trend to blur the distinction between male and female in modern society. If there is any sin involved, then it would be acquiescing to modern feminism, and not necessarily the act of wearing pants itself.


Good grief

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