Is it a sin for women to wear pants?


My goodness.


Let Them Wear Pants!


Oh, please. This is ridiculous.


When CAF crosses paths with “what not to wear” Or “say yes to the Dress” You know the end is nigh.


Since the Catholic Church says otherwise, in their very visible signs outside each and every one of the churches in the Vatican, I think I’ll go with that, rather than your late to the party, personal opinion.


And on the otherhand,look at Samoans for example-all the women and men wear “skirts”.


I think women’s motives come into it.
For example there’s many feminine women who alternate wearing dresses with wearing flattering pants,especially in the winter seasons or for elderly women.
On the other hand there are also women who want to get rid off all differences of the sexes and want to just be like men and there’s women like that in our parliament etc…

Personally I prefer skirt/dress but will also wear nice jeans without issue.


In World War One, the kilt-clad Scottish regiments were known to the German troops as “the ladies from Hell.”



Do you hinestly believe this is a consideration women take when they are getting dressed in the morning? I have been around a while and I never once considered that when I was putting on a pair of pants, for heaven sakes. I seriously doubt anybody I have ever known considered that, either . I’m wondering where you live?


sidnote: WWI was also why they stopped going into battle in kilts: no way to get sufficient protection from nerve gas . . .


Poppycock, they just needed to upgrade kilts to be sufficient protection against mustard gas. :stuck_out_tongue:


My motivation for not wearing a skirt or dress are that I feel I do not look good in them because my legs are ugly. It’s not like I want to be a man.

I am not nor will I ever dress in pants because I am trying to be a man. I think that most women who dress in slacks are not trying to be men.


Ankle length kilt with a bottom piece with elastic leg holes? :crazy_face::roll_eyes:


Good advice from our friend Deacon Jeff:


Why does this thread topic keep coming back? Women can wear pants if they want!

@camoderator this thread should be locked


Yeah, this is absurd and bizarre.


How utterly arbitrary. Why don’t all the men wear robes as Christ and the apostles did? What is this modernist heresy of pants!!?

This isn’t Catholicism. This is a great example of some segments of “traditionalist” Catholics equating Catholic tradition with the arbitrary, secular cultural norms of 1950 America.


What would a good reason be to you?

I wear jeans to mass all the time. I’m not imitating a man (that is ludicrous) nor do I need to wear them for my job. They are just super comfortable and easier to manage when my kids are constantly on the go.


Hmm . . . I wonder what the judge will say when I show up like the next week?



I completely agree. I grew up in this type of tradition for most of my childhood. I will not step back into that community ever again.
I wear pants. I have a College and Masters degree. And I work and could be financially independent if I wanted. Massive sinner according to the traditionalists.
Way to turn off people from the church.

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