Is it a sin for women to wear slightly see-through shirt?

You can’t see the skin or the upper part of breast, but you can see the shape of the bra if you in 1 or 2 arms distance.

Either purchase a bra that is the same color as your skin tone or wear a camisole or tank top under the blouse. That way, the bra won’t show through and you won’t have to worry about a fashion no-no…especially under white clothing.

Yes. And totally unnecessary.

This used to bug me when I was a kid. I grew up in a holiness, Pentecostal denomination (no slacks, short hair, or short dresses for women, etc), but some of them would wear sheer blouses so that I could clearly see their bras, slips, etc. Even as a child I would be thinking, “Put some clothes on! I don’t want to see your underwear!”

I love sheer shirts and live where it is very hot. I always wear a tank top under a sheer shirt and my teen daughters must do the same. As they say don’t advertise what you aren’t selling and keep it classy.

Your question is really about modesty. I’ve seen many old ladies wearing a thin, silky blouse where their bra is somewhat visible through the fabric. Are these old ladies sinning? Doubtful. My guess is they are unaware and oblivious to their bra-line showing through, I don’t know. But if it were my grandmother, I would bring it to her attention, because it is immodest, and tell her to wear a cami underneath.

Allowing your bra to show is immodest, and it can put others in the near occasion of sin. That is a sin. If you are aware that your shirt is see-through, or too tight, then a different choice in clothing is warranted.

As a man I find it absolutely inappropriate to see a woman in revealing clothing. A woman wearing beautiful, yet modest clothing, is what really attracts me.

Same here.


It is not white and not sheer fabric, that why you can’t see the skin. And I think a tank top inside would look weird.

If you can see any undergarments, it’s not appropriate.

It is very hot in my mother country too. The daily temperature is about 37 Celsius degree = 98.6 Fahrenheit degree. Most of the t-shirts at market are kind of slightly see through and all of the collar button up shirts you can find at any store are slightly see through as I described above (Except men’s clothes).
When I was in middle school, I have to wear white collar button up shirt for uniform. It is extremely hot in the afternoon and there is no air conditioner. So when you sweat, the shirt stick to your skin and they can see your bra easier. I didn’t have a tank top but what I learned from some other girls is to wear a light jacket to hide it when the boys sit behind me have nothing to do and decided to be a jerk.

What wrong with short hair? God let both baby boys and baby girls born with the same amount of hair. Where in the bible says that girls have to keep their hair long and boys have to keep their hair short?

This is off topic, but here:

1 Cor 11:13-16

13 Judge among yourselves. Is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head uncovered? 14 Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a dishonor to him? 15 But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given to her for a covering.

They took a literalist approach to this passage. It hasn’t been an issue for several decades now.

Edit: This passage could also be used to argue for the position that a woman with long hair has no need to veil in church, but I have never seen it used in that way.

don’t know if I should make a different thread for this, but Samson has long hair so it is not a dishonor for a man to have long hair. I know that God specifically said that Samson has to keep his hair long but if it God told a man to keep his hair long, then it means He doesn’t see it’s disgusting that a man has long hair.

I’ve wondered about this phrasing myself. The reality is that it is not nature that dictates hair length, but culture, and tolerance of hair length in men varies dramatically from culture to culture.

Having cleared that up, let’s consider this bunny trail closed :smiley:

St Paul mention that it was a disgrace for men keep their hair as long as women. I forget exactly, or I would provide the passage. I think about that all the time since I am a male with long hair.

The modern business-man haircut (or shortly cropped hair) began with the fashion choice of18th gentlemen imitating the hairstyle of Caesar.

See post #13.

Sounds like a comment on respecting customs, rather than morality.

It is unsatisfactory to assess modesty solely on the basis of examining an article of clothing in isolation.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • what is my purpose in choosing this item of clothing?
  • given the circumstances and the place in which I’ll wear it, is this item of clothing likely to tempt a reasonable person to sin?

Think about the answers and then make a prudential judgement.

Doesn’t sound overly revealing to me, if I understand what you’re saying. Especially for 90+ degree weather. If you need to be within 1-2 arms distance, the vast majority of people you pass won’t be able to notice in the first place. :shrug:

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