Is it a sin if a word you translated turns out to be a swear word?

A while ago I googled in what a certain word that starts with a “b” in Italian means.It turns ed out to mean something along the lines of cheater,to trick,swindler but it’s vulgar.Is having written and translated that word that I did not know was a swear word count as a sin?.Thank you very much so for your time.

You did not intend to swear, so no. :slight_smile:

Depends on the context and intent. Even in English there are benign words when taken together form a vulgar or demeaning expression.

But the fact that you’re concerned means that you had no intention of violating the second commandment.

And keep studying Italian. The world needs multi-linguists. :thumbsup:


Foreign languages are the work of the devil.

Hahaha tomcmaj your joking right?

It was not intended. You’re good to go. :slight_smile:

No. You translated without knowledge of what the outcome would be.

You’ll become neurotic if you start thinking like that.
Then you’d end up down a track where everything would be a sin-eg:swear words in magazine you were reading,or sexual pictures that came up on google images when you were looking up something unrelated,going and buying on Ebay(because the site also allows the sale of “adult” items,walking down the aisles of a newsagency(because you might walk down an aisle that has pornographic magazines) etc…the possibilities would be endless.

Noone can control life and one would only get sick if they try,no matter how well their intentions are.

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