Is it a Sin? + Matthew


I’ve been looking into scripture for discussion/debate with non-Catholics.
However, I am no apologist and have not studied scripture in a proper Catholic setting.
If I say things contrary to the Catholic faith when using Scripture when defending my position or saying my argument, have I committed a sin? Not trying to misinterpret, but a result of my own ignorance or lack of knowledge when trying to defend the Catholic faith.
Should I just ignore scripture altogether?
I’m just worried of doing something wrong, especially for my own salvation as I will not be joining the RCIA until next January :(:(:frowning:


Honest mistakes are not sins.

Do your best, do diligent study, use the Catechism a lot ( which will give scripture too) and if you are found to be in error, correct it humbly.


If you make it clear that what you are saying is just your understanding so far of things and not official teaching then you will be fine. However you should avoid voluntarily getting into discussions and debates in areas you are uncertain about. If people ask you stuff then defend Catholicism as you understand it to be. Don’t go out of your way to start discussions until you are more sure of things. If you have time to spare for apologetics then you have time to study and pray as well. At this stage the last two things are more important than the first one.


This forum is a good place to practice. If you screw up it will DEFINITELY be pointed out!


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