Is it a sin not to learn the rosary prayer or any other prayer

I got a rosary today and was wondering if it is a sin not to learn the rosary prayer. I dont know prayers because I havent done my first communion, I might start in august. Im 13 BTW.

No, of course it is not a sin to not learn a particular prayer. However, knowing the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be (which make up the majority of the Rosary) will probably be very helpful for you as they are very common prayers and are often given as penance in confession. Also, if your parents or teachers tell you to learn these prayers then there could be a problem because of being disobedient.

Hello. I am very new here but I’d like to respond, so here goes my first post…

Prayer is an intimate conversation between us, and God. It is not a sin to not be familiar with common prayers, however we need to be aware of the composition of these prayers. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong about using your own words to talk to the Almighty, but having the structure – and words – given to us already in the Our Father (which is in the Bible), Hail Mary and Glory Be, for example, just makes things easier for all of us.

Bottomline, heart with prayer is really what matters.

God bless!

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