Is it a sin to be addicted to things

I’m not addicted to no drugs or nothing but i do play video games not ever (only free time)day,watch tv ( when free time) and usually be on my ipod every day . is it a sin to be addicted to these type of things. it dosent take me away from my duties,or god, or family, or chores etc. Please helpm thank you


What is it you believe an addiction to be?

Like when it is a addiction it hurts you on some level or you do something more than supposed to

Coffee can be an addiction. I know video games are lol I was hooked onto them but gladly gave them up for good.

Any addiction can be unhealthy whether its too much time on the internet, tv or anything for that matter its not necessarily drugs, alcohol, smoking etc

But is it a sin to be addicted to things


Addiction is a sin however what you are suggesting as your activities are not addiction. Think of addiction as habit that precludes the ability to engage in meaningful life so that your life becomes this habit that causes you to do things that you would not normally do because of that habit.

Does it take you away, spiritually or physically, from the love of God or from the love of neighbor?

I think it depends on the degree of addiction and how much it affects your life. I’m addicted to coffee, I literally get withdrawal headaches if I stop drinking it, but that has no negative affect on my life so nothing wrong with that. :slight_smile: I think being addicted to a game is fine to a degree, but when a person starts to neglect all other parts of their life just to play games or whatever the addiction is, then it becomes a problem. If you can’t function, can work or keep a job and your life is falling apart because you can’t pull yourself away from your games, then yes, that’s wrong. Like being addicted to gambling is wrong because people lose everything, their home, etc because of gambling the morgage payments etc. That’s wrong. But being addicted to coffee or cigarettes, even though I don’t smoke, those addictions are not wrong. Being addicted to nice things you can’t afford to the point of spending all of your rent money or bill money on things, that’s wrong. So I think it depends on the addictions, how severe it is and how it affects your life. :slight_smile: But being addicted to somehting in and of itself is not wrong, everyone is addicted to ***something. *** Most people here are addicted to this site to a degree. :slight_smile:

None of us here can really answer your question personally. The best we can do is to say that, in general, yes it is a sin to be addicted to such things - where addiction means that it interferes with the proper discharge of ones normal duties.
We cannot say whether you are addicted to them or not.

Sin involves and inordinate or disordered desire for something. It can also take the form of turning from what is good toward something that is not good. It is a placing of some created “thing” ahead of God - the Creator.

Think of the rich young man who went away sad because Jesus told him to sell all that he had, give to the poor and then come back and follow Jesus.
The young man was sad because his possessions were too important to him.

The question you have to answer is - can I give this stuff up? Do I place this stuff before love of God and Love of neighbor? Am this helping me to be the best person I can be? Is this something that gives glory to God?

You say that you only do these things in your “free time”…Fair enough…but do you rush through your duties (not doing them as well as you can) in order to get to your games and your ipod?
For example…(forgive me is English is not your first language)…Your writing above seems to indicate that either you wrote the OP very quickly and did not proof read it, or that your knowledge and understanding of spelling and grammar is rather limited.
Perhaps it would be better - and give more glory to God, if you were to develop your skill and talent in this area and spend less “free time” on video games and ipods.

Again - I ask forgiveness if I offend. I do not know you at all…and the above may not be representative of who you actually are.
But this very fact…that we do not really know you limits our ability to give you a personal answer. This is ultimately something best discussed with your confessor.

Hope this helps a little.


P.S. - In reading this over…I find myself quite guilty of these same faults. I hope that I will be able to take my own advice. Please pray for me.

It is very difficult for another person to judge what is a sin for you.
Sometimes it is difficult for the person themselves to judge it too (like for example if somebody is very scrupulous, they will worry that something is a sin even though it is not a sin at all, or worry that everything they enjoy might be a sin).
Actually, I am thinking right now, sometimes it might help with such things… to see if we would consider them “good” or “bad” (I am leaving out the word sin now), to ask ourselves: If another person - e.g. your friend - had this problem, what would you advise them? Would you tell them it is sinful? This might make it easier to judge a “thing” mre objectively.
Of course the safest way is to talk with your confessor. :slight_smile:

((((Now follow some ponderings… :wink: just spontaneous:)))))
Another question I am pondering right now… isn’t (almost) everybody addicted to some degree to certain things? Maybe even necessary things? This again raises the question of how to define addiction, and what is the differenc between addiction and habit, and is it ok to have habits that have become dear and we really do not like to give up… and what if there is a fine line between necessity and addiction and we might not even know anymore if something is necessary or not? (for example coffee can help with certain physical problems like low blood pressure, but sometimes it is hard to tell whether something is really physical or psychological. (this was a personal example :wink: :wink: :wink: ) Or such nice habits like eating at a certain time to help relax… I wouldn’t think that is sinful… or let’s say a habit like reading a novel to help relax… or what about NEEDING company? :wink:
Or what about posting on a Catholic forum? :wink:
What about practising a sport, needing to exercise? At what point does dieting become an unhealthy addiction and turn into anorexia? And would that be sinful if it is an illness?

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