Is it a sin to break a promise to God?


I verbally promised to God that I would go to Confession today. I now do not want to bound by this promise. Would I be under the pain of sin if I broke it? Would I need to see a priest to dispense me of the promise?


Yes, it is a sin.

But you should just go to Confession and then you’ll have nothing to worry about. Otherwise there will just be even more things to confess next time. The longer you wait, the easier it will be to drift away completely and the more difficult it will be to get back to Confession.


I’m unprepared :frowning: I didn’t use my time wisely.

I’m really afraid that it’s mortal. I’m not sure what the criteria for a mortal sin would be with regards to a promise. Is it a grave matter or not?


Catholic Encyclopedia-
Unlike the simple breach of a promise made to a man, a failure to give to God what has been promised Him is a matter of importance, a very serious offence.

I just found out my answer. Shoot.


Sometimes, I have to remember that I have committed to doing something, such as Mass, Confession, praying the Rosary or Adoration, and then I ‘feel’ like not doing it, for no other reason than just not wanting to, that it must be important **TO DO **it, because why else am I being tempted not to? If I’m being tempted not to do something that I want to do, it must be because it is actually GOOD for me to do it, and it annoys the devil!


We are responsible for any oaths we make that are sworn to God. I think there are situations where that oath can be voided, but in most cases you’re responsible.


please read this:

read that part where it says also that you should not go around making promises to God, promises should be made after thinking it well, and also says that sometimes the vows become invalid due to mistakes when doing them.

so next time think well before making a promise to God,


I was dealing with this since when I first joined the faith, I could be a bit quick to make private promises to God, which in retrospect can sometimes serve more to cause perpetual penance than to fulfill the purpose of the oath/vow. Vows to God can be very good, but they ought never be made too quickly or lightly.

At any rate, Canon Law speaks of ways in which such private vows and oaths no longer bind or can be commuted and dismissed:




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