Is it a sin to buy a product from a company that supports something sinful?

Hi everyone,
Is it a sin to buy a product from a company that supports something sinful? my understanding is that it’s not, but i’m just looking for something official. Thanks!

NO, otherwise you would hardly be able to buy anything from anyone!

So does that mean Girl Scout cookies are fine?

I don’t believe its sinful, we live in a fallen world and must interact with it. Just not be consumed with its sins and passions.

you need to be careful sometimes when you but stuff from companies there are some companies that support intrinsic evils. Like for example many companies give to planned parenthood, you buying of a product is in a way a indirect participation in evil, your money could go to paying for the killing of an innocent human being. I think when you buy things you should keep that in mind. I think there are extremes on this issue that are both not good things to do. 1. you could care less what you buy and be ok with buying from companies who you know support and are a large part in supporting evils. 2. you could not buy anything from any company who supports an evil an any way, in this case you would barely be able to buy anything.

Personally I think you need to pick and choose your battles, the simple fact is that sin is so prevalent in today’s culture that its almost impossible not to support a grave evil when you buy something.

So Girl Scout cookies are a tasty and necessary evil?

It depends if you have a realistic choice between a company which supports something evil and a company which doesn’t.

There’s no sin in it, but you might find it more ethical to deal only with more wholesome companies if you can.

An example: I object to China’s human rights policies (or lack thereof) and its compulsory family planning regime, and I also object to the inhuman way in which unwanted girl babies are treated. For many years I would avoid, if I could, products manufactured in China as I didn’t want to support the regime (since the Communist Party/Government of China has a hand in or control over all enterprise in the country). These days it’s now nigh on impossible to find products that are not, in whole or in part, manufactured in China. Principles and ideals are fine, but ultimately needs must, since I don’t have any control over the companies which make/import the goods that I want or need.

Personally, if I knew that a company supports something sinful, I would avoid buying there products whenever possible.

If more people made such choices, companies like this would have to rethink their positions on many issues they support.

A local priest one time decided to boycott Chinese products because of their human rights violations; particularly against priests. He had a yard sale and liquidated everything he owned that was made in China.

Then someone pointed to him that his computer, which he used extensively to advance his cause on the Internet, was mostly made in China. He wasn’t sure what to do at that point.

(BTW, even the bishop thought he was a bit of a kook. :rolleyes:)

I don’t particularly think the yard sale made him a “kook”. Our family purposely tries to buy locally made, or made in the USA products whenever possible. Does that make us “kooky” even if we can’t avoid all products made overseas? If I know I can buy a product that doesn’t support Planned Parenthood in place of one that does, guess which one I buy. Example, yoplait yogurt supports Susan G. Koman that is a known supporter of Planned Parenthood. So I buy Dannon yogurt that supports the National Breast Cancer Council which is a pro-life organization.

My family is not going to be able to avoid all products associated with evil, but we can certainly do our part to support those organizations that support the causes that are in line with our values and morals. I can make a difference, a ripple, in any given place at any given time.

Nah, this guy was scrupulous to the point of kookiness. The bishop did relieve him of his pastor job and put him at a desk in the diocese office.

I say yes. If you know they support something sinful why would you buy it? :shrug:

Are you seriously suggesting that before anybody buys anything they should research the policies of ALL manufacturers. That is totally impractical.
When I go to the supermarket I do not research any manufacturer and I never will.

If I know they support something sinful, then yes I would feel like I sinned. Of course I don’t go researching every product but if I Know then I try not to purchase it. Didn’t mean to disturb you, sorry:)

No problem. Its just that in these forums there are some in the past who say that we should research every company before buying anything. For me that is impractical and it is also not a Church teaching.

Precisely. This came up recently on the radio, I believe. Could have been C.A.L. or another show. The conclusion was just that ^. If one were to be a purist, it would entail not purchasing most products, including most packaged food products.

The conclusion was that prudential judgment, in terms of priorities, is probably the best policy. Thus, have one or two companiesi in mind that are particularly offensive in what they support, or who profits from them (or both), and avoid those like the dickens.

It’s convenient if such offenders are also products you detest, such as Starbucks for me. Can’t stand the company; can’t stand the product. No-brainer.

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