Is it a sin to buy products from a company you know supports immorality?

Hi! Do you think it is a sin to buy products from a company you know supports abortion, contraception, human embryo research, planned parenthood, and/or pornography? This would I think include companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Disney, Viacom, eBay, and many many many maaaaaany others. Isn’t it only a sin if you buy products of or that directly support abortion, contraception, etc.? I don’t think it would be a sin to buy Johnson&Johnson shampoo or Q-tips for instance, or buy things off of eBay. Thank you for your help!

[FONT=Arial]The following link links should assist you in better understanding the moral culpability involved in buying from companies that support immoral issues. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.[/FONT]
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*]** Is it sinful for a Catholic to purchase products from an immoral business?**


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