Is it a sin to buy products from China or other population-controlled countries?


Hello! I sent this same basic question to Ask an Apologist, and it hasn’t been 5 business days yet, but today’s my last day to shop for Christmas, so I thought I’d ask it at the forum here before my shipping options disappear!

I’m certain that China’s coercive family planning policies are well-known to nearly everyone on this forum, so I don’t need to get into the sad details of their two-child (used to be one-child), forced abortion/contraception/sterilization policies.

If I buy a product that is made in China, I think that it is reasonable to assume that some portion of that purchase is going to the Chinese government, and the Chinese government would in turn use some portion of that to implement their coercive family planning policies.

Is it therefore sinful to purchase anything made in China? If it is sinful, would there be any conditions that would mitigate or eliminate the sinfulness of such a purchase? I am only considering products that are made in China because there are no competitive alternatives available on the market, and I do not agree with their coercive family planning policies.

This is my first CA post, let’s see what happens! God bless and Merry Christmas!


Well China isn’t the only government that has problems, in the US some of our tax money goes to fund Planned Parenthood, unfortunately, as well as other anti-life things. (hopefully that will change soon) We can’t control the exact ways our money is spent, once we give it to someone else. I think we’re far enough removed from the sin that we just have to hope the money is used for more good than bad, like supporting the Chinese workers and their families, or tax money supporting road maintenance and military upkeep. If we knew for certain that our money would be used entirely for sinful purposes, then that would be a different situation, but I don’t think it is a sin to buy stuff from China or pay taxes to governments that do some immoral things, provided there’s more good than bad. I looked into a similar question a while ago and that’s pretty much the answer I found.

If buying stuff from China were immoral, would buying pizza from Pizza Hut be immoral if you knew one of the employees there patronized strip clubs, or bought illegal drugs? We live in a sinful world, and money gets passed around. Some of it is used for evil and we can’t control that. That’s my take on it anyway.

Merry Christmas!


It is not a sin to buy things from China.


It’s almost impossible to not buy anything made in China although it will be interesting to see if some companies begin to make things here. Ive had some success in buying clothes at thrift stores that haven’t, but we don’t know either what kind of conditions workers face in countries like Thailand or Bangladesh. Some factories even in China may be more worker friendly than others. I know that Apple and Nike have gotten a lot of pressure about conditions in their factories, so perhaps this will change.

So, I don’t believe we are directly sinning from buying them inless some information about them becomes available.

About 25 years ago as part of his MBA program, visited China and dome of the factories there. At that time, many women formerly peasants made what they considered a good living compared to the poverty they escaped from. However, no mention was made either of slave conditions and the factories they visited could have also been for show.

Products made here that support PP such as Provtor and Gamble even though their workers aren’t involved with this) are easier to avoid and I at least feel better about buying them.

Even though I don’t shop at Macys very often, I will begin going there since they publicly aren’t supporting them anymore. Now if Target would just discontinue their same sex bathrooms, I’d begin shopping there also.


Not all material cooperation with evil is a sin. This is one such case. If Christ would pay taxes to Caesar, then you can certainly buy a new iPod or whatever from China.


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