Is it a sin to call someone a fool ...even if the purpose is to highlight something dangerous they have done?

In the bible it says:

You have heard that it was said to them of old: Thou shalt not kill. And whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment. But I say to you, that whosoever is angry with his brother, shall be in danger of the judgment. …And whosoever shall say, Thou Fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

MATTHEW 5:21-22

But if someone does something dangerous, and you want to highlight this to everyone (including the person who did it), is it ok to call them a fool or stupid? in order to highlight that the act in question was foolish or stupid?

In this case, you aren’t calling the act foolish or stupid, you are actually calling the person foolish or stupid. There is a difference between saying, “you are a fool” and “you are making a foolish decision”.

Well…there’s going to be a roast down below then…especially if you’ve ever driven in big city traffic.

In my humble opinion, it is not okay. There is a better way.

What you are doing is describing the person. Is the description accurate? Is the person really a fool? Is it necessary to tell others that he is a fool? Probably not.

What is needed in such a situation is to correct the person’s behavior with charity and patience. Inform, educate, train, and redeem the person. We all make mistakes. Some of us make bigger mistakes. Most of us can learn from our mistakes. The wisest person may be the one who made the most mistakes, and learned from each one.

Sounds more like the sin that could send someone to Hell Fire was in the pride of the person calling the other a “fool”. Basically saying, “hey, you’re an idiot, I’m smarter than you, nyah, nyah”, or looking down on people. I don’t think it was meant to apply to some situation where you called someone foolish for doing a dumb thing, or even if you lost your temper in traffic and called someone a name (although losing your temper could be a venial sin), or said something like Mr. T, “I pity the fool who does such and such bad or dumb thing”.

My thoughts exactly! Guess I’ve got some questions for my next confession! I tend to call those driving dangerously moron, idiot, and and a few more colorful terms though I try to limit it to light runners, pull outs when I am within three or four car lengths, and the cell phone slow downs.

I don’t say it to them directly though. Only once, a few weeks back I reccommended someone try public transportation instead of A car! They ignored me.

  • One should not call another a fool.

  • And another bad thing to say to someone is that they are lost or have no hope.

  • I also think making promises to people is a no-no.

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