Is it a sin to clean up on Sunday if I enjoy it?

One of the weapons the devil uses to separate us from God is to keep us too preoccupied with work to allow us to listen to our conscience and to God. Another weapon he uses is an over-abundance of leisure. God’s answer is work and rest. The Sabbath was made for us.

But it is normal to do some amount of what would technically be considered ‘work’ on Sundays, like cleaning the dishes after a meal instead of letting them sit overnight. Sometimes people like to mow the lawn because it is soothing and an easy opportunity to think and reflect. Sometimes people like to knit clothes that they intend a child or grandchild to wear because it is soothing and easy opportunity to think and reflect.

You can talk to a priest about this if it is bothering you.

Catholic forum here, was not addressing any other religion. If my neighbors are not Catholic or happen to be atheists or even if they are Catholic; I will not impose my way of living what I believe to be honoring God on Sunday. When you live on a farm you feed the animals etc; but you surly might find another day to harvest the corn, cotton or other crops. Some people have to work on Sunday…nurses, care givers etc. Some work because we as a Nation gave up our “Blue laws” and now we pay the consequences. Dollar stores that maybe, give half a day off on Christmas, and
Catholics who shop in these stores on Sundays (exempting those who care for the sick, need medicine, have an emergency or are single parents that have no other options) promote slave labor and support a non ethical business mentality. They surly aren’t helping society or family life.

I must have misunderstood your first post – my apologies. It sounded as if you were suggesting that anyone doing work on Sunday was giving scandal. And of course, farmers do have to harvest when the weather cooperates – which the Church allows. I didn’t know you were actually a farmer – it’s unusual to find a farmer who doesn’t need to work whenever the crops are ready and the rain isn’t falling.


Regrets for the harshness that came across in the post and gosh,I never said I was a farmer. I think ranchers and farmers are amazing and we need more farmers and honest laws to protect them. Most farmers have more than one job. They can harvest on Saturday or Monday. Why not? And why did farmers start needing all those gigantic farm equipment? Was it for the sake of efficiency? Couldn’t there have been a middle road…But that’s a different topic. Farming is noble work.

Yes, they can harvest on Saturday or Monday. And if it’s harvest season, they are. As well as on Sunday. Because if the weather is holding, you harvest whenever you can. Often very late at night. I don’t know a farmer who would not harvest on a mild, sunny Sunday – especially if he knew he had to go to work another job and be out of the fields on Monday to Friday.

And yes, the gigantic farm equipment is more efficient – you can both plant and harvest crops more quickly. It’s hard to find people who want to work on a farm; you have to find a machine to do a lot of jobs when you’re the only one in the field.


The day is for God. He rested on the seventh day from all his labor. It is a full day of rest, prayer and family time. A day to even study our faith. A day where charitable works of mercy are also given in honor to God. If asking others to help you clean is part of the garage work—then that could be work for others. If it is heavy work, then its work. When people use their loud leaf blowers on Sunday…that takes away from the day. Playing very loud music so your neighbors hear it is pretty disrespectful of others on Sunday. Doing heavy farm work on Sunday so all your neighbors hear the large farm equipment and see the scandal of your labor is not helping to keep the sabath.

Really? Hard for me to get my head around folks who are bothered so much by what other people are doing. Farmers get the crops in when they need to be gotten in. If a leaf blower run by a neighbor bothers you to that extent one might consider sound proofing their own home.

I personally do most of my “thinking” while doing servile work. Whether it be mowing and trimming the yard. Cutting and splitting wood, moving dirt, doesn’t matter. I use my brain all week at my office. Servile work gives my brain a rest, and time to contemplate on bigger matters.

Just because one might act “holy” on Sunday doesn’t change their real character any more than someone doing what someone else thinks is “work” makes them any less holy, or somehow violates the sabbath.

You know, this sounds rather strict. However, I agree with you, at least in spirit: the Sabbath rest SHOULD be strictly observed. We should refrain from doing even mundane, light chores, which take away from the meaning of the holy day. Maybe that’s because of my Jewish upbringing, even though I hardly observe the Sabbath (Saturday rather than Sunday) the way all Jews really should. Still, even according to Judaism, in which Sabbath observance is way stricter and more detailed than it is in Catholicism, there are notable exceptions: for example, medical personnel and those whose lives or health are in danger come to mind, because the preservation of (human) life supersedes even Sabbath observance.

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I dunno.

It might mean, “to he that hath cleaned thy room, giveth a pizza.”


For the specific case of gasoline leaf blowers, there should be an absolute ban when they can be heard above a whisper on someone else’s property. There are necessary noisy things in life, but that particular device is just plain obnoxious and intrusive . . .

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You are entitled to your opinion. However, I don’t feel like someone doing manual labor whether for a paycheck or for their own personal residence can be found annoying. I can think of a lot of things that are annoying, but people doing honest work isn’t one of them.

I guess there are a lot of folks out there that are bothered by the little things. Doesn’t seem they have enough important things to actually think about.

Honest work is one thing.

Using a device that is so loud and shrill that someone two houses away cannot run two thoughts together is another . .

Please. Clean your abode. And your body. All days, even on Sundays.

My question to you is when you examine your conscience is this really what is weighing on you as possible sin? Oh I wish all people were as Holy!

Can’t say I enjoy cleaning out my toilet, but if I want it clean for the next week, I’m doing it on Sunday (after Mass of course).

I do a lot of work on sundays, I clean the house. Change diapers, wash bedding, cook, mow the lawn, run the dishwasher, get the kids ready for the week. Does the OP think I am sinful?

Well, I have no interest in your head getting around folks like me. Keep your head to yourself.
This is what I believe and I have to answer to God for what I believe. What ever the church teaches and you believe you are following it out of love for God and your neighbor …alleluia. Creation is a gift from God. Enjoy!

We could learn much from Orthodox Jews regarding the Sabbath. Obviously there are very sensitive skins regarding keeping holy the Sabbath in this group. Shalom. What has happened to tradition?

I’m reminded of Homer Simpson slavering over the thought of doughnuts. :smile:

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ohhhhhhhh . . . donuts . . .

We have a place downtown with, among its other marvels, has Homer donuts–massive pink frosted donuts.

Everything they have is amazing.

And then there’s the pop tart donut . . . a full pop tart backed inside . . . :exploding_head::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::scream:

bacon on apple fritters . . .

We only go there when we take an overnight escape downtown; just too many calories . . .

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We have frosted doughnuts here. Krispy Kreme…can’t stand the stuff :grimacing:

Much prefer apple; jam; and ring (in that order). :kissing_heart:

My all time favourites are Chelsea Buns :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Never seen a pop tart doughnut!

Bon Appétit!

Jesus was tested on this and his reply was if something needs to be done you don’t leave it using the example of the Ox stuck in the mud - he’s basicy saying to use your common sense about thing instead of an all out zero tolerance attitude which is idiotic.

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