Is it a sin, to consider a sin?

When does considering whether you should carry out a sin become sinful, or is it sinful - by this I mean not thoughts of intent e.g. I’m going to do this or that but weighing up your options, trying to figure out if something is a sin (somehow I usually end up deceiving myself in temptation) and contemplating doing something, trying to figure out if you should do it, or putting forward conditions e.g. If I were to masturbate, then I would definitely not use porn but should I carry it out? I find myself thinking such things and don’t exactly decide to sin but I am worried about how close to sin I am. Also, (rather off topic but somewhat relevant) do conditions such as anxiety lessen the culpability of a sin? (I’m talking about an anxiety disorder) when I find myself in such a state, or panic in awkward situations, I am often less careful than usual. Thank you in advance

Jesus was tempted and had to think about what the right thing to do was. That’s not a sin. Jesus refuted temptation by quoting scripture. It is up to you to form yourself in a manner so you can be held accountable for your actions.

You’ll have to talk to a priest about your anxiety and sin. That’s an issue of culpability which is between you and God.

Considering committing a mortal sin, IMO, usually implies partial consent.

Partially consenting to mortal sin is a venial sin.

But check with your priest, and see what he has to say about this. :wink:

Temptations pushed away and disagreed with are not sins.
But, Yes deliberate fantasising over committing sins, is sinning in thoughts And is a sin.

Jesus answered this in the Bible.

“You have heard it said do not commit adultery. But I say to you, anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery in his heart.”

“You have heard it said thou shalt not kill, but I say to you, anyone who hates his brother is liable for the judgement of hell fire.”

Yes, you can sin , even to mortal sin and miss Heaven through thoughts, according to Jesus.

The catechism says for something to be a mortal sin, it must be mortal sin material/ grave matter, must be deliberate, freely committed, and in full knowledge of its immoral or grave nature.

Some people are scrupulous some have lax consciences and some have normal consciences but may still be mistaken. Given that you have revealed that you have a kind of anxiety disorder, nobody here is qualified to correctly answer you. Take the advice you receive here with a grain of salt but talk to a priest. Only a trained priest can most correctly asses your culpability for your thought or even if they are a sin at all. Talk to a priest about these things. Do not delay either. I suffered from mild scruples for about 2 1/2 years because I did not want to ask for help. that is more than half of the time I have even been a Catholic (I am a convert) and some people suffer for years over these things because they do not ask for help. Ask a priest. And if the first one cannot help you, do not give up. Do not be afraid to tell him everything that is troubling you. They can help and they do not want you to suffer. They will tell you if you are sinning or if you are not but you are walking a thin line, they will explain it to you. Make a appointment so Father has plenty of time to talk to you. Father may need a good amount of time to explain. God bless.

I know that temptation is not a sin of itself, but do you have to consider it to be a temptation in the first place? Rather, we can be surrounded by temptations but maybe it is only when we are enticed by them, are we tempted - not by being in the presence of a temptation. I suppose there are blurred lines between temptation and sin and I suppose the definition of temptation has to be clearer, is it considering the sin part of temptation or sin itself and I also assume it depends on your intentions.

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