Is it a sin to delay going to confession?


I have a mortal sin and i want to go to confession. I could go today but i really don’t like going to confession during the week. The masses are at 7.00 pm and there are very few people at mass. I also have to study for tomorrow’s test and tomorrow i have to study for the test after tomorrow. I think i would give a better confession of my sins and show more repentance if i would of go on a sunny Sunday before mass. Is it a sin to delay confession if you have a mortal sin?


I would strongly urge you to go to confession as soon as possible.

We know not the day or the hour…and perfect contrition involves the intention to goto confession as soon as possible even.

Even such can be helpful for your studies…

And if your where the Holy Day is tomorrow - which is sounds like it since there is a 7pm Mass - you need to go to Mass anyhow and one cannot receive Holy Communion with mortal sin. One is to repent and confess such first.


But would God understand that i’m sorry for what i did but i really have to study these two days?

I am not going to 7.00 pm mass unless i’m going to confession but i really have to study and i would prefer the confession before Sunday mass.


Forgiveness of mortal sins comes ordinarily via confession.

Yes it is possible for such to happen prior via the grace of perfect contrition out of love of God above all (not just out of fear of hell…that would be imperfect and does forgive mortal sins outside of confession) --but that perfect contrition requires too the resolution to goto confession as soon as possible.

And even if one had the grace of perfect contrition as noted above -one would still need to wait for confession before Communion.

Tomorrow is likely a Holy Day of obligation where you are-so you need to goto Mass anyhow tonight or tomorrow.

If I had committed a mortal sin - I would run not walk to confession.

(and I would study and test alot better if I had been to confession…)


Delaying is not a sin in and of itself, however, it is not advisable. Sadly, I am in the same boat as you, where I really only have one point in the week where I can get to confession, so I understand what you’re going through…


Confession of mortal sins can be delayed…
only if it is remembered AFTER a confession to
a priest, in that case, it may be brought up at
the yearly required confession for the Catholic


It is not that one cannot delay confession (one can think of various reasons to do so)…but rather that a delay is not good for one. And we know not the day nor the hour…

If one falls into mortal sin - get to confession as soon as one can.




Well i don’t think i actually made a mortal sin, that’s because when it comes to mortal sin i am very scrupulous. I’m not sure i made it or not. Anyway, i went to confession the first day when i asked this question and i felt better and now i’m really trying to avoid scrupulous thinking of mortal sin because that can lead to mortal sin itself.


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